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Beijing, China, September 6th, 2012 – TYAN FT68-B7910, the brand new TYAN X86 4-Socket rackmount server features more CPUs, more cores, more memory, and more hard drives in a 4U chassis. It is an ideal choice for HPC, datacenter, virtualization and mission-critical computing. The FT68-B7910 will be on display at TYAN's Server Solution Summit in Beijing on September 25th and in GoungZhou on September 28th.

TYAN has a long history of developing 4-socket server platforms and has a wide variety of CPU-centric products. Offering 4-socket server platforms in a 1U, 2U, and 4U designs, TYAN has multiple choices of 4 way platforms to meet challenging requirements and heavy workloads. TYAN also support its customers to build HPC, datacenter, or supercomputers with experience derived from previous 4-socket platforms that have been listed on the TOP 500 Supercomputer list. Compared to traditional RISC or x86 Enterprise-level servers, the debut of TYAN's FT68-B7910 demonstrates TYAN's capability in 4-Socket X86 servers and brings benefits of higher computing power and lower total cost of ownership to IT users.

Supporting 4 Intel Xeon E5-4600 processors, the TYAN FT68-B7910 is a solid solution for HPC, datacenter, mission-critical computing, and virtualization with cable-less design. The FT68-B7910 supports (4) Intel Xeon E5-4600 processors and supports (8) PCI-E x16 G3 slots that can support for up to (8) Add-on cards or two GPU cards. Featured with (8+8+8+8) DDR-III R/U-DIMM, (2) 10G GbE, (32) 2.5" HDDs, onboard BMC and LSI SAS2308 6G controllers, the FT68-B7910 is a powerful platform well suited for enterprise server rooms, HPC, and datacenter and also allows users to run large amounts of virtual machines on this single 4-socket server.

Customers are welcomed to attend the TYAN Server Solution Summits to experience TYAN's FT68-B7910 and the full array of product portfolio. Please contact your local TYAN sales representative to confirm your registration. For more details of FT68-B7910 or other platforms, please visit the TYAN website: www.tyan.com