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TARO Product Family


Compatible with



Chipset - Adaptec® AIC-8110 chip
Data Transfer Rate - Up to 1.5 Gbits/s per port
Internal Connectors - Four Serial ATA ports
Device Support
 • Support up to four Serial ATA disk drives
 • Serial ATA Device Hot-Swap compliant
Serial-ATA Interface
 • Compliant with Serial ATA Rev. 1.0 spec
 • Command Queueing
 • Up to 32 outstanding commands
 • Supports device 48-bit addressing
 • Serial ATA power save mode
 • Supports Hot-Plug

Bus Type
 • 64-bit/66MHz PCI 2.2 spec compliant

64-bit PCI/PCI-X Interface
 • PCI2.2 spec compliant 32/64-bit bus, up to 66MHz
 • PCI-X addendum Rev. 1.0 compliant
 • 32/64-bit bus, up to 133MHz
 • Compliant with PCI Power Management (PMG)
 • Interface Specification 1.0 / PC2001 Specification
 • Message Signal Interrupt (MSI) support
 • PCI Plug-and-Play support
 • SATA PCI/PCI-X host bus adapters
 • Internal SATA PCI/PCI-X RAID controllers
 • External SATA (FC/ISCSI) RAID controllers
 • SATA RAID arrays and JBODs
 • Network attached storage (NAS) boxes with
     SATA attached disks
 • SATA storage enclosures with a large number
     of SATA disks
 • SATA backup arrays 

Flash Interface
 • Supports up to 4MB expansion ROM for
      the ability to boot from the host controller
 • Used for BIOS code

Card Interface
 • Proprietary 200-pin interface
 • PCI 2.2 compliant
Form Factor
 • PCB size: 3" x 3.13" (76.2mm x 79.5mm)
Package Content
 • TYAN M8110 SATA SO-DIMM card
 • Quick Installation Guide and User's Guide
 • One screwdriver;  four screws
 • Two Adaptec SATA driver diskette
Software Support
 • Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
 • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
 • Microsoft Windows Server 2003
 • Redhat Linux 9.0