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SMDC (IPMI) Product

M3295-2 (EOL)

Compatible with



Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)
 • Renesas H8S2167
Protocols and Standards
 • Tailored for IPMI 2.0 compliance
 • RMCP (Remote Management & Control Protocol)
    & RMCP+ (RMCP Plus)

* NOTE: RMCP+ can encrypt confidential remote configuration of parameters such user passwords and transfer of sensitive payload data over SOL.
Enhanced Authentication
 • New algorithms provide more robust key exchange process
Primary Communication Interface
 • Keyboard Controller Style (KCS)
Auxiliary Communication Interface
 • Intelligent Platform Management Bus (IPMB)
 • Local Area Network (LAN)
Auxiliary SMBus / I2C buses
 • 4 dedicated and independent buses available
     for user expansion
Sensor Monitoring
 • Voltage
 • Temperature
 • Tachometers
 • Fan Speed Control / PWM
 • Chassis Intrusion
Field Replaceable Unit (FRU)
 • Chassis, motherboard, product, and other
     information stored and secured in FRU

Form Factor
 • 2.66" x 1.24" (67.59mm x 31.52mm) 

Card Interface
 • OPMA 200-pin DDR2 SO-DIMM socket

Control Command Set

 • Power Up / Power Down
 • System Reset
 • System Power Cycle
 • System NMI
Diagnostic Command Set 
 • Power-Good Detection
 • CPU Voltage Identification (VID)
 • ACPI State Detection
 • Request Message Redirection through IPMB
Sensor Data Repository (SDR)
 • Detailed sensor information, including sensor
   types and measuring units
System Event Log (SEL)
 • Complete history of system events, such as POST
   events, are stored in non-volatile memory
Platform Event Filtering (PEF)
 • Provide a mechanism for configure the BMC to
   take selected actions on event messages that it
   receives or internally generated. These actions
   include operations such as power-off, system
   reset as well as SNMP Trap
 Additional Features
 • Firmware-upgradeable through flash utility
 • Front Panel LED and Buzzer interface/control

Firmware Firewall
 • Restrict the ability to execute certain commands 
    or functions from a given interface