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Server Barebones  
2U Rackmount     
Tank TA26 (B5397)   EOL

Note: Item pictured is only representative.
Intel Xeon VMWare

iconIPMI/iKVM firmware 

Tempest i5400PW(S5397)

This powerful 2U server barebone features a high speed PCI-E Gen 2 (x16) expansion slot and supports dual 45nm Intel Xeon processors operating at up to 1600MHz front side bus speed.  Designed to fit into a HPC, Datacenter, or Virtualization Server environment and for running the most memory intensive applications, this highly integrated system is capable of supporting up to sixteen (16) DDR2 FBDIMMs and eight 3.5” HDDs.  Providing more than just performance, power and application capabilities, the Tank TA26 (B5397), is the next-generation server solution that provides more system reliability and scalability; enabling you to go after more business opportunities than you could before.

Standard Model Spec RiserHDD BayPSU UPC code
B5397T26W8HR N(8) 3.5" Hot-Swap700W (1+1), 80+635872020568
B5397T26W8H N(8) 3.5" Hot-Swap700W 80+635872020506

SMDC (IPMI) Product : M3296,M3296,M3296
SMDC (IPMI) Product : M3296,M3296,M3296
SMDC (IPMI) Product : M3296,M3296,M3296
SMDC (IPMI) Product : M3296,M3296,M3296