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Thunder K8W (S2885)
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Date Filename Version
2008/03/03 s2885

Compatibility Statement

TYAN's Compatibility Team goes to great lengths to thoroughly test our system boards with a wide variety of products from today's leading hardware vendors. Information on compatible memory modules, video cards, etc., is posted on our web site as testing is completed. However, this information will be limited in scope, as it simply isn't feasible to test every TYAN system board with every possible hardware and software configuration. We concentrate on testing the most popular products in the most common configurations.

TYAN does not supply vendor test results, or specifications regarding products that may be used in our test practices. Individual hardware vendors remain solely responsible for the design, sale and functionality of their products, including any liability arising from product infringement or product warranty. TYAN assumes no liability for the functionality of vendor products, either alone or in combination with TYAN products.

SLI video capability will be indicated with ICON on the right. This is a brand new technology that is found on various Tyan motherboards. If you would like to see more information about SLI or building a SLI system, please look at the official nVidia SLI website -