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TYAN (TA26B3992)
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TYAN makes no warranties to the usability of a BIOS on our website and are made available to the public on an "as-is" basis. Upgrading a BIOS without knowing the implications may cause serious adverse affects. Please do not upgrade a BIOS unless directed to do so by a qualified support technician. TYAN is not able to replace mis-used or damaged BIOS chips in the event of a BIOS flash failure. Please contact your dealer for replacements or warranty service.

Date Filename Version
2008/12/02 TA26-B3992_v205 v2.05

Problem Fix Description:

- Updated AMD AGESA code to v3.3.0.0
- Added AMD Shanghai CPU support
- Updated Hardware Monitor to show N/A for CPU2 Temperature when the CPU isn't installed
- Enabled NCQ functionality

2008/07/31 v.2.04

Problem Fix Description:


* Updated AMD AGESA code to v3.1.8.0

* Added an USB Keyboard function check when “Keyboard Error Report” is enabled in the bios

* Fixed an issue where the FAN fail LED would stay on continuously
* Fixed an issue with Server 2008 where it wouldn’t properly load the SATA driver in SATA mode
* Fixed a HDD size display error in summary screen if HDD > 1TB
* Updated ATI ES1000 firmware to v008.005.033.000
* Fixed an issue with the ACK latency timer on the PCI-E x8 slot

* Fixed an issue where you could not create a RAID 5 array*

* Updated bios boot order to make the Broadcom PXE Option ROM boot first if there were other onboard Option ROM’s present

* Forced the SATA RAID to load second if the bios detects that SATA RAID was enabled in the bios


* must use the latest Ciprico SATA RAID drivers (v4.1.1) available from the Tyan website

2008/01/04 TA26_B3992_v202 v2.02
New features and Fixes :
* Updated the AGESA code to v3.1.3.1
* Added an option to Disable onboard VGA Warming Beep
* Fixed "A Hyper Transport sync flood error occurred on last boot" warning message
* Fixed an issue when you use over 4GB of memory and the memory hole size would not be listed properly

2007/09/20 TA26_B3992_v201 v2.01
TYAN Transport TA26 (B3992) BIOS V2.01
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed an issue where CPU NMI was not enabled for all cores
* Updated to AGESA code v3.1.1.0
* Added AMD Quad Core CPU Support
* Updated the SATA OP-ROM to v3.0.0015.8
* Added support for 1TB sized SATA devices
* Added an auto detect function for the Tyan Taro M7901/M7902 cards during POST
* Added the ability to provide memory beep codes in case system does not POST
* Added a new CPU detection function for the M3291 capabilities

2007/07/31 TA26_B3992_v200 v2.00
TYAN Transport TA26 (B3992) BIOS V2.00
New features and Fixes :
*Updated AGESA bios code to v3.0.7
* Set AMD PowerNow! defalut to [Enable]
* Set "ECC Mode" default to [Good]
* Added "Board ID" to the "Advanced->Device & PCI Slots Configuration" section of the bios
* Added "Node Interleaving" option in "Chipset->NorthBridge Configuration->Memory Configuration"
   and set default to [Disable]
* Added HPET Function*
* Added Power fail resume option*
* Fixed Solaris 10 update2 and update3 install issue
* Functions only available for certain REV's of motherboards

2007/05/11 TA26_B3992_104 v1.04

TYAN Transport TA26 (B3992) BIOS V1.04
New features and Fixes :
* Update SCSI Option ROM to v4.30 for updated M7901/M7902 support
* Add SCSI/HostRAID switch setup option in BIOS Setup Utility (Advanced> Device & PCI Slots
   Configuration> Onboard M7901/M7902)
* Update CPU1 CPU2 HT link initially to dissolve POST 3Ah possibility
* Added Keyboard Error Report Eventlog [Enable/Disable] Option in Boot Settings Configuration
* Fixed Solaris 10 update1 install IDE issue
* Updated AMD Opteron CPU support
* Update ATi ES1000 VGA Option ROM to v008.005.028.000
* Fixed an issue where some LCD monitors would not work properly because default settings
   would put the image Out of Range
* Added BIOS option [SATA ROM] to boot selection to support SATA DVD/CDROM devices
* Fixed an error message (Error attaching device data) during linux boot message log

2006/10/17 ta26_b3992_102 v1.02

TYAN Transport TA26 (B3992)  BIOS V1.02
New features and Fixes :
* Fixed a USB floppy driver installation error during Windows installation
* Fixed DMI data can not updated using DMI tool
* Fixed a smbus conflict with the M3291
* Fixed a system hang if there is not enough shadow RAM for PXE booting
* Correcting CPU Node1 ECC Scrub setting

2006/09/21 ta26_b3992_101 v1.01

TYAN Transport TA26 (B3992)  BIOS V1.01
New features and Fixes :
* This is the first release BIOS