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Trinity i845E (S2099)
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TYAN makes no warranties to the usability of a BIOS on our website and are made available to the public on an "as-is" basis. Upgrading a BIOS without knowing the implications may cause serious adverse affects. Please do not upgrade a BIOS unless directed to do so by a qualified support technician. TYAN is not able to replace mis-used or damaged BIOS chips in the event of a BIOS flash failure. Please contact your dealer for replacements or warranty service.

Date Filename Version
2004/02/05 s2099_110 v1.10
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.10
New features and Fixes :
* Fixes Promise/SCSI boot order issue

2003/12/15 s2099_109 v1.09
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.09
New features and Fixes :
* Promise PDC20276 Option Rom upgrade from to
* Fix up system booting lock up in POST issue while USB-serial and USB-HDD are both exist
   at same controller/function.
* Fixed up that while USB card reader does not have any media inserted, BIOS lock up at
   POST 52h issue.
* To support PCI Slots' IRQ Selectable Function
* To support APIC selection menu item in BIOS Feature Page in BIOS SETUP.
* To fix ICP Vortex RAID select to boot before IDE HDD issue

2003/01/31 s2099_107 v1.07
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.07
New features and Fixes :
* To fix up slave CD-ROM cannot be detected issue.
* To fix up ECC menuitem always read-only (no ECC func) issue even the ECC DDR is plugged in.

2002/12/13 s2099_106a v1.06A

TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.06A
New features and Fixes :
* Microcode and Hyperthreading update for 3.06ghz CPU.
* Fix 'No PXE remote boot' for 82562 LAN.
* Fix intermittent 'Floppy seek error'.
* Remove S3 support in BIOS.
* Fix BIOS typo under Advanced Chipset features for DDR266

2002/12/02 s2099_105 v1.05
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.05
New features and Fixes :
* Microcode update

2002/09/12 s2099_104 v1.04
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.04
New features and Fixes :
* Remove APIC mode option in setup.
* Fix CPU temperature beep warning issue.
* Remove shutdown temperature option in setup.

2002/07/12 s2099_102 v1.02
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.02
New features and Fixes :
* Add support for COM2 / IR.

2002/06/17 s2099_101 v1.01
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.01
New features and Fixes :
* Update LAN Oprom, add Boot Order option, fix some new CPU display error.

2002/05/24 s2099_100 v1.00
TYAN Trinity i845E (S2099) BIOS V1.00
New features and Fixes :
* This is the first BIOS release