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Tempest i5100X (S5375-1U)
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TYAN makes no warranties to the usability of a BIOS on our website and are made available to the public on an "as-is" basis. Upgrading a BIOS without knowing the implications may cause serious adverse affects. Please do not upgrade a BIOS unless directed to do so by a qualified support technician. TYAN is not able to replace mis-used or damaged BIOS chips in the event of a BIOS flash failure. Please contact your dealer for replacements or warranty service.

Date Filename Version
2009/01/13 S5375-1U_v305 v3.05

Problem Fix Description:

- Fixed an issue where if 4GB of memory + a PCI-E VGA card was installed, WinXP + SP2 would only show
  2GB of available memory
- Fixed an issue where the system would emit a POST beep error when a SMDC card was installed
- Updated the FAN failure detection functions
- Fixed an issue with the FAN failure LED
- Fixed an issue where system would hand during POST (13), if "Restore on AC Power Loss" is Power Off is
- Fixed an issue where if you cleared CMOS, the RTC time would not be correct
- Fixed the CPU FAN Fail LED to ignore 2nd CPU if no CPU is present

2008/12/12 S5375-1U_v304 v3.04

Problem Fix Description:

- Fixed a LAN low performance issue
- Fixed an issue where PECI Hardware Monitoring method was not functioning correctly
- Fixed an issue where the CPU's EIST function would not work properly
- Fixed an issue where Chassis Intrusion Detection was not working properly
- Fixed an issue where any FAN speed less than 800 RPM will be reported as a FAN failure during POST
- Updated CPU Micro Code
- Fixed an issue where if you had 4GB of memory installed with a PCI-E VGA card and Windows XP 32-bit
  + SP2, only 2GB system memory would show as available during POST
- Fixed an issue where an Audio device would show a ! in the device manager
- Updated PECI Support
- Updated the High Precision Event Timer support
- Updated support for Realtek ALC262 Rev C2 Audio chip
- Updated support for the Intel 82573 LAN chip
- Updated embedded VGA Option ROM to v1.09.03
- Added bios ability to reverse PCI scan order
- Added bios support to [Enable/Disable] onboard LAN Option ROM
- Fixed a CentOS “error attaching device data" in dmesg error message
- Fixed a CentOS 5.1 shut down issue
- Fixed a Redirection After Bios POST Boot Loader” issue
- Updated Console Redirect function to allow the system to always boot to bio by pressing F1, F7 or F11 
  from the remote side
- Added support for SATA RAID arrays over 2TB in size
- Updated DMI information
- Fixed an issue where RedHat 5.1 64-bit would hang during POST (02) if rebooting from the OS
- Set USB 2.0 Controller Mode default setting to [HiSpeed]
- Updated Intel MRC to v1.2

2008/02/13 S5375-1U_v301 v3.01
New features and Fixes :
* This is the first release BIOS