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Thunder GC-HE (S4520)
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Please only use the Utility that is specifically listed for your exact Motherboard or Barebones/Transport System and follow the specific flashing instructions included in the downloaded package.

TYAN System Monitor (TSM) Software

Date Filename Version
2004/04/01 TyanSysMon_v222 v2.22
T.S.M. (Win 2K, XP, 2003)
2004/04/01 TyanSysMon_v221 v2.21
T.S.M. (Win2K & WinXP )
2003/07/03 TyanSysMon_v213 v2.13
T.S.M. (Win2K & WinXP )
2003/07/03 tsm-1.0.tar v1.00
T.S.M. (for Linux)
2003/05/22 TyanSysMon_v212 v2.12
T.S.M. (Win2K & WinXP )
2003/03/26 TyanSysMon_v211 v2.11
T.S.M. (Win2K & WinXP )