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Tomcat i7210 (S5112)
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Please only use the Utility that is specifically listed for your exact Motherboard or Barebones/Transport System and follow the specific flashing instructions included in the downloaded package.

TYAN System Monitor (TSM) Software

Date Filename Version
2004/03/19 TSMNS223-S5112-Patch-1 v2.23

Tyan System Monitor V2.23 and later Patch Readme

The TSM patch is to fix some issue or add some new board support.
And the name of every patch correspond to its usage. for example:

    S  -- indicates that it's the patch for TSM Agent. You should install it
          agent side. Please make sure you install the TSM Agent already before install this patch.
   223 -- This patch is for TSM version 2.23.
 S5105 -- It's for S5105 only.
     2 -- The patch revision is 2.

With this patch, first make sure you already install the TSM 2.23 Agent, then install this
patch on agent system. Now you can use the TSM Console to get the corrected value

lm_sensors (LMS)

Date Filename Version
2005/04/22 lms_s5112 v2.9.0