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Cooling Chassis

Cooling methods for 2510/2515 for 1U and 2U chassis

1U -

Due to the many different brands and styles of 1U chassis' available, and given the limitations of height and airflow in this type of chassis, Tyan cannot recommend a heatsink for 1U systems. What works in one chassis, may not work in another. Therefore, the best choice for cooling your 1U chassis can only be determined by your testing. We can suggest that you use our testing methods to ensure that you have the most stable cooling environment possible.

Note: The heatsinks is included with Intel boxed processors will not work with our Thunder LE S2510 or Tiger LE S2515 systemboards due to space limitations.

Here is a picture of our dual processor S2510/S2515 systemboard. As you can see, there are limitations pertaining to the HSF's width, in addition to height.

Only heatsinks that measure no more than 3mm wider than the processor will work. Below is an example of one of the best performing heatsinks that we have tested to date (PAL15U). Note how the clip can be adjusted to any postion due to the design of the heatsink. This allows the clip to be moved over 1 row to account for the small amount of space on one side of the CPU.

Note how the clip can be easily adjusted.

Below is an example of the HSF properly installed on our S2510/S2515 systemboard:


This is an AlphaNova Tech
1U heatsink/fan, the PAL15U. Our tests show that this HSF performs better in this environment than other brands that we have tested in our labs.

To pass our 1U test requires the following:

1U chassis
2 X 1Ghz processor

The configured system must run and pass three (3) Microsoft HCT stress tests. In addition, the configured system must run for forty-eight (48) hours under a Linux stress test. All testing must occur in a closed chassis, with other rackmount chassis' placed directly above and below the system in a rackmount server cabinet.

To date, only one fully configured chassis has passed this test. You can find it at . eVserv utilizes a high-performance blower and air duct that forces air through the DIMM sockets and over the processors. From our testing, this is by far the best cooling design we have seen. However, once again we must point out that it works in their chassis with their heatsinks etc. See below:

This is the only configuration that has passed our testing.

2U -

For the most part, 2U chassis' provide plenty of room for almost any combination of heatsink/fans to pass our tests, provided that the HSF manufacturer has approved it for the processor you intend to use. We strongly recommend testing following the same methods described in the 1U section.