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I / O - Shield Designs

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ATX I/O Shield designs vary between motherboards and case manufacturers.  Because there are so many standards, we have provided a cutout diagram with the most common schemes.  When purchasing an ATX enclosure, please make sure that you specify which back plate design your motherboard requires.

Most Tyan boards use the Venus, Caymen, and Marl/Aurora I/O shield designs

 Type AType A - AT Style
  • Trinity 100AT (S1590)
  • Tsunami AT (S1830S / SL)

Type M Type M - Intel Marl / Aurora Compatible
  • Titan Turbo ATX-2 (S1573S / SL)Tahoe 2 ATX (S1682DL)
  • Titan Pro ATX (S1668D)

Type V Type V - Intel Venus Compatible
  • Trinity ATX (S1592)Tahoe Plus ATX (S1686S / DL)Tiger ATX (S1692S)Tiger 2 ATX (S1692DL)Tigercub ATX (S1694)Tiger 100 (S1832)Tiger 133 (S1834)Tsunami ATX (S1846)
  • Thunder X (S1952)

Type C Type C - Intel Caymen Compatible
  • Trinity ATX (S1598)Tahoe-A ATX (S1684SA)Tigercub ATX (S1694SA)Thunder 2 ATX (S1696)Tsunami ATX (S1846SLA)Trinity 400 (S1854)Trinity 371 (S1857)Tigercub 100 (S1894)Tomcat i810 (S2054)Tomcat i810e (S2056)Trinity K7 (S2380)
  • Tomcat i180ef (S2420)

Type P Type P - Intel Providence Compatible
  • Thunder 100 (S1836)