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TYAN Warranty - RMA Productures
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System Boards RMA Procedures

Serial Number Location 1

Serial Number Location 2

All TYAN systemboards include a label, with printed serial number, attached to either 1) the side of one of the expansion slots or 2) on the PCB ( please see illustration below ). If your systemboard does not include this serial number, TYAN's standard warranty does not apply.

All TYAN systemboards include a manufacturer's limited warranty. To determine warranty coverage for your systemboard, please read the following information regarding TYAN serial numbers.

TNxxxxxxxxxx TYAN products featuring a "TN" prefix in the serial number include a 90-day warranty.

TUxxxxxxxxxx The following TYAN products with a " TU" prefix in the serial
number have no warranty:

S2054AGF (i810)
S1854A / S1846SLA
S1837DLUAN-BX (S1837UNB)
S1837UAN-BX (S1837UAN-B)
S1680S FX(AT)

S2495 and other models with "TU" serial number (with exception of those products listed above) have a warranty.

Barebone RMA Procedures

All bare-bone products are shipped with a serial bar-code label that shows the details of the product manufacturing site, universal product codes and production date. The serial bar-code labels are affixed to (1) chassis, (2) motherboard, (3) power supply and (4) shipping carton. The serial bar-code label looks as the following:

Assigning Case Number & Filing RMA Form

The Case Number is assigned by the TYAN Technical Support Representative after receiving a customer's report on faulty barebone system or part(s) and determining that the product is eligible for RMA.

After receiving a Case Number, the customer receives an RMA form and is required to fill out the following:

- Case Number
- Customer info: Company name, contact person & phone number,
- Problem reporting date/time
- Reporting issue(s)
- Initial resolutions provided
- Date purchased
- Where the unit was purchased
- Copy of the invoice

Customer must fax/email the RMA form to the designated TYAN Service and Repair Center. The Tyan Service and Repair Center will then acknowledge with an RMA number. Standard RMA procedures apply.