Tempest i5000VS (LC)

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The compacted 12 x 10.5กจ motherboard brims with excellent features and capabilities to maximize performance output. The Tempest i5000VS (S5372-LC) supports two quad-core or dual-core IntelR XeonR processors 5100/5100LV/5300-LV/5300(80W) series and six FBDIMM slots, offering up to 24GB fully buffered DDR2-553/667 of memory capacity. To comply with various applications and objectives, the S5372-LC also accommodates multiple PCI Express/PCI-X expansion slots and a Remote System Management IPMI 2.0, in addition of Tyan Taro card equipped on the SO-DIMM slot, providing optional SAS and SCSI daughter card with RAID 0/1/10 support.
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