Servers and Workstations move into a new age! Intel® proudly announces new server and workstation platform technology design for high performance and low power consumption. Being a long-time strategic partner of Intel, TYAN has co-designed exciting new products which use Intel's new platform technology to both enhance and bring new levels of performance to customers' demanding applications, while delivering performance-per-watt efficiency unlike anything seen before. These products have been christened ˇ§ Toledo ˇ¨, ˇ§Tempestˇ¨, and ˇ§Tankˇ¨ as part of TYAN's new initiative to enable customers with Intel's latest and greatest technology advancements.

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System Boards
Server Barebones

What's Tempest?
Tempest is a highly-integrated platform for servers using dual/multi-processor (DP/MP) configurations. As implied by the name, Tempest products are seriously powerful server platforms with maximum scalability and flexibility for high-computing environments.

What's Toledo?
Toledo is the basic platform of choice for servers using a single/uni-processor (UP). Toledo products are serious solutions for entry-level systems because of their flexibility for upgrading and expansion.

What's TankˇH
Tank is a barebones server product line designed for a high amount of customization possibilities, industrialized for use in many different environments, for numerous applications. The Tank product line is designed to meet or exceed customer expectations for pre-built server solutions.