TYAN Press Release


Tyan Trinity 510 Provides Leading-Edge Performance for Workstations and High-End Desktops

Fremont, CA, November 12, 2001 – Tyan® Computer Corporation today announced that they have initiated shipments of their latest platform for the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor. Combining the raw processing power of the Pentium 4 Processor with the new VIA P4X266 chipset, the Trinity 510 provides outstanding performance for streaming video, digital image processing, content creation, speech recognition, 3D, CAD, and more.

Tyan, a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and system board solutions, is one of the first system board manufacturers to utilize the VIA P4X266 chipset. The P4X266 is the first core logic chipset on the market to leverage the leading performance and low power consumption of Double Data Rate (DDR) memory. Further, the Trinity 510 is the only P4X266-based platform on the market to support up to four DDR DIMMs, providing increased memory capacity and flexibility.

In addition to DDR memory support, the Trinity 510 also features a dual-channel ATA-100 drive controller, five PCI expansion slots, and a 2x/4x AGP slot. Integrated audio and 10/100 LAN controllers are optional for qualified OEMs and System Integrators.

"Tyan's time-to-market partnership with VIA Technologies, Inc. has produced an extremely exciting platform for the mainstream desktop market. The launch of our new Trinity 510 provides OEMs and System Integrators with new levels of value and performance for their P4 product lines," stated Danny Hsu, Director of Strategic Marketing for Tyan..

Trinity 510 (S2266) Features

  • Single uPGA478 socket supports one Intel Pentium 4 Processor
  • VIA P4X266 chipset supports a 400 system bus and 266MHz memory bus
  • Four DDR DIMM sockets support up to 2GB DDR memory
  • Five 32-bit 33MHz (5v) PCI expansion slots
  • One AGP slot supports 2x and 4x graphics modes
  • ATX form factor (12" x 9.6")

Pricing and Availability

The Trinity 510 is currently shipping in limited quantities, with volume production expected before the end of November. Contact your preferred Tyan distributor for the latest pricing and availability.