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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Announces Wide Availability of New Trinity KT-A

Supports Latest AMD® Athlon™ CPUs, DMA/100 Drives and More

Fremont, CA, March 19, 2001 – Tyan® Computer Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of PC systemboard solutions, continues its tradition of producing stable, high-performance products by announcing volume production of the new Trinity KT-A systemboard.

The Trinity KT-A is based on the VIA® KT-133A chipset and provides leading-edge performance for the desktop market. Its cutting-edge design supports the latest AMD® Athlon™ and Duron™ processors, and is geared for performance PC users that require expandability and upgradeability. With support for a fast 266MHz system bus, and 4x AGP, the Trinity KT-A provides substantial performance gains for users requiring superior system I/O and graphics performance.

Performance and Value

Designed around VIA's Apollo KT-133A chipset, the Trinity KT-A provides users with best-in-class value and performance for both memory and graphics-intensive applications. In addition, the KT-133A chipset supports the new 266MHz system bus. This advanced technology enables the Trinity KT-A to support the latest Athlon processors, in addition to those Athlons and Durons utilizing a 200MHz system bus.

The Trinity KT-A exceeds all requirements expected of a high-performance desktop platform. "Trinity series systemboards feature premium performance, stability and reliability for single-processor applications" states Steve Hsia, Product Manager at Tyan. "The Trinity KT-A is no exception, producing some of the best benchmark scores we've ever seen from a single CPU solution. Further, with the latest IDE drive support, the Trinity KT-A can achieve sustained data transfer rates up to 100 megabytes per second, ideal for data access-intensive applications."

Trinity KT-A (S2390B) Features

  • Single Socket A, supports AMD Athlon or Duron processor
  • VIA KT-133A & 686B chipset, supports 266MHz system bus
  • Three DIMM sockets support 1.5GB of PC100/133 SDRAM
  • AGP slot supports 4x/2x graphics modes
  • Six 32-bit PCI slots and one 16-bit ISA slot (1 shared slot)
  • Supports up to four DMA100/66/33 drives
  • ATX form factor (12" x 8.2")

Award-winning Trinity Series

Tyan Trinity series systemboards feature a highly expandable design for maximum scalability and flexibility. Other Trinity boards include the Trinity KT and Trinity 400, the most award-winning board in the Tyan family. The Trinity KT systemboard utilizes VIA chipset technology and supports Athlon and Duron processors. The Trinity 400 systemboard utilizes VIA chipset technology and provides PC133 memory support and 4x AGP for a flexible, reliable solution. Both products are proven champions in the systemboard market, winning a wide range of awards and accolades from print and web reviewers worldwide.


The Trinity KT-A is currently shipping in volume, and is available worldwide. For further details, please contact your preferred Tyan dealer or distributor.