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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Launches Thunder HEsl™ Dual-Processor Systemboard

Workstation/Server Platform Features Latest Serverworks® Chipset

Fremont, CA, February 15, 2001 – Tyan® Computer Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and systemboard solutions, today launched their latest high-performance multi-processor platform, the Thunder HEsl™. This systemboard provides an extremely powerful platform for both workstation and server applications. With the ability to accept up to two Intel® Pentium® III processors, as well as leading-edge 64-bit PCI peripherals, the Thunder HEsl provides superior performance and reliability for OEMs and System Integrators looking to distinguish their products in the workstation and server markets.

Peak Memory and I/O Bandwidth

Based on the ServerWorks® ServerSet III HE-SL™ chipset, the Thunder HEsl supports peak memory transfer rates of 3.2Gbps, enough headroom for even the most demanding server and workstation applications. In addition, the Thunder HEsl incorporates two fully independent 64-bit PCI buses, reducing bus latency and enabling extremely efficient I/O transfers across all connected PCI devices.

"With its multi-processor design, dual 64-bit PCI buses, and two-way interleaving memory architecture, the Thunder HEsl is an ideal platform for mid-range server applications that require maximum I/O performance" states Steve Hsia, Product Manager at Tyan. "These powerful features, combined with the on-board AGP Pro slot, integrated storage controller, and integrated LAN connection, make the Thunder HEsl the premium workstation platform."

High-Performance Connectivity

In addition to its high-speed memory and I/O bus architectures, the Thunder HEsl includes integrated high-performance storage and network controllers. These robust features enable you to connect up to thirty Ultra160 SCSI devices over its two SCSI channels, as well as connecting to a 10/100BaseT Ethernet network. Integrating these features down on the systemboard also frees up valuable PCI expansion slots, leaving them available for cutting-edge technologies such as Fibre Channel storage and Gigabit Ethernet.

Thunder HEsl (S2567) Features

  • Dual FC-PGA design supports one or two Intel Pentium III processors
  • ServerWorks ServerSet III HE-SL chipset supports a 100MHz or 133MHz Front-Side Bus
  • 4 DIMM sockets support 4GB of PC100/133 registered SDRAM, including ECC
  • Integrated 10/100BaseT Ethernet and dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI controllers
  • Two 64-bit 66MHz PCI and four 64/32-bit 33MHz PCI expansion slots
  • One AGP Pro slot supports 2x mode; supports 4x compatible AGP cards
  • Extended ATX form factor (13" x 12")


The Thunder HEsl S2567 is currently in mass production and is widely available. For more information, please contact Tyan at 510-651-8868 or visit their web site at