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TYAN Press Release

Workstation / Server series from Tyan® Computer Corp. offers three new styles of motherboards and chassis combinations

FREMONT, California, August, 1999 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today announced a new product series called T-Rex, featuring three styles of "barebone" (Motherboard and Chassis) motherboards designed for entry level servers and workstations and a customized chassis tooled to the specifications of the motherboards.  While the T-Rex chassis may be purchased separately, it is designed to provide an all-in-one solution for OEM companies and value-added resellers seeking a high-end motherboard and a chassis guaranteed to meet the motherboard's dimensions.  

The T-Rex is Tyan's first chassis offering.  "With high-end motherboards becoming more non-standard, our customers have expressed difficulty in finding chassis that are not too big, too small or sized the wrong way," explained Dan Hsu, Director of Marketing for Tyan Computer.  "We felt we owed it to our customers to offer them a chassis we guarantee will fit with our system boards, quality and reliability are our first concerns."

Motherboards in Three Flavors

The T-Rex family offers the computer builder a basic high-quality box suitable for web, fax and e-mail servers as well as CAD/CAM workstations. Standard features include: support for full-size ATX dual Xeon or Pentium III platforms; seven bays (four exposed, three internal), a 120mm ball-bearing fan on the rear side; a system door with lock; 400W ATX 2.01 power supply, and system box packaging.

In addition, builders can choose among three styles: one non-integratedmotherboard for maximum flexibility, and two integrated motherboards for a cost-effective solution.

(1)  Using a standard Intel 440BX chipset and one dual slot, the Tiger 100-(TR1832DL) is a barebone motherboard configuration that allows a builder to integrate his choice of SCSI cards, Ethernet connection and audio system into the box.  "This somewhat less expensive solution will appeal to builders who rely on other brands for SCSI cards and Ethernet," Hsu explained.

(2) The Thunderbolt (TR1837UANGR) motherboard, utilizing the Intel 440GX chipset for a high-density memory capacity of two gigabytes, is an integrated box that comes with two built-in Adaptec 7896 SCSI cards, an Intel 559 100Mbps LAN, and an audio system by Creative Labs (ES1373).  "Builders who want to incorporate these high-quality brands into their system will find the Thunderbolt to be their most cost-effective solution," Hsu said.

(3) The ThunderX (TR1952DLUR), which utilizes the capacious Intel 440GX chipset and provides SCSI integration with two Adaptec cards, features a second dual slot for additional CPU support.  "This would be the logical choice for builders who require additional processing capabilities," Hsu said.

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at