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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Computer Corporation Announces System Management Software to be Bundled With Server Boards

FREMONT, California, November 16, 1998 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today announced a new system management solution for its server and workstation system boards. Dubbed "Tyan Desktop Client Manager," (TDCM) the new software will be bundled with Tyan's dual processor system boards beginning in December.

Reports System Configuration Details

TDCM is fully compliant with the Desktop Management Interface (DMI 2.0) of the system BIOS. TDCM will collect information through DMI on the system configuration including all installed drives, available and total drive capacity, installed peripheral cards, available expansion slots, installed memory, processors  even I/O ports and IRQ assignments. The configuration information is then presented in a detailed hardware inventory report. Alerts can be set up to notify the administrator if drive capacity thresholds are exceeded.  TDCM also checks each hard disk for installed software and presents a complete Software Inventory report. Critical files can be protected with the Critical File Manager which can be set up to alert the administrator if critical files are deleted or altered.

Monitors System Health

The software will collaborate with on-board system health sensors that monitor CPU temperatures, chassis and CPU fan speeds and power supply voltages. By reporting thermal, fan and voltage problems when they occur, bigger problems such as CPU overheating and/or system lockups can be avoided if corrective action is taken by the system administrator. This is a particularly useful feature in client/server environments.

Other Functions

TDCM also has Task Manager, Event Scheduler and SMART Disk Monitoring components. The Task Manager enables the user to control the system's applications, and allows the user to start or stop an application or task. The Event Scheduler is a time- saving feature that allows the user or administrator to perform events such as virus scans or backups at pre-scheduled off hours. A SMART (Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology) disk monitoring feature is included to notify the user if there is a potential disk failure so data can be backed up in advance.

According to Joe James, Director of Product Marketing at Tyan, "A good system management solution should facilitate LAN administration by being able to check and report to the administrator all system configuration information, monitor PC health, check drive space, and allow scheduled events - for each client on the network, and alert the administrator if anything goes wrong – all remotely from any network station. TDCM does exactly that, and has a very user friendly point-and-click interface."

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at