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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Computer Corporation Announces Pentium® II Motherboard Series with Intel® 440BX AGPset, 400MHz CPU, and 100MHz Bus Support

Single / Dual Processor boards target workstation / server and consumer markets with integrated RAID, dual-channel Ultra-Wide SCSI, audio, and 10/100 Ethernet

MILPITAS, California, April 15, 1998 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today rolled out a series of Pentium II system boards utilizing Intel's 440BX AGPset to support 350/400MHz CPUs and boost front side bus speeds to 100MHz, delivering the fastest performance available in a PC class chipset. New models include :

Tyan integrated many advanced features into its new Pentium II line such as: on-board wavetable sound; optional RAID Level O and Level 1 for disk performance, reliability and redundancy; UltraDMA/33 PCI EIDE and Super I/O to utilize a wide range of storage devices and peripherals; Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) to accommodate AGP graphics adapters for speedy graphics processing; 1 gigabyte memory support; and LM79/LM75 sensor chips, which report voltage spikes, overheating, and fan failure to LANDesk Client / Server manager software.

With Intel's Pentium II/BX chipset technology, Tyan has designed a cost-effective product line for manufacturers building high-performance servers that require a 100MHz system bus for CPU-intensive processing, or for endusers seeking a performance boost for 3-D graphics, modeling, or computer gaming.

Thunder 100 (S1836DLUAN)

A dual processor "extended ATX footprint"system board for servers and workstations that require integrated components for SCSI, audio, and connectivity. The board supports up to two Pentium II 233-400MHz CPUs. It includes Creative Labs 16XV Wavetable sound on board; RAID Level 0/1 support with optional Adaptec RAIDPort PCI card; Adaptec Dual Channel Ultra-Wide SCSI on-board; Intel 10/100 Ethernet adapter on-board with Wake on LAN functionality.  Up to 1 gigabyte of memory is supported with four 168-pin DIMMs. Expansion slots include 6 PCI bus master, 1 ISA, and 1 AGP slot. LM79/75 sensor chips are included for system monitoring, and report information to LANDesk Client Manager software. List price is $699 with volume discounts on all boards in the series to OEMs and system integrators.

Tiger 100 (S1832DL)

A dual processor ATX footprint system board for higher-end workstations and entry-level servers. Supports two Pentium II 233-400MHz CPUs With 5 PCI, 2 ISA and 1 AGP slot, the Tiger 100 provides room for AGP/PCI-based peripherals as well as support for older legacy cards. LM79/75 sensor chips and LANDesk software are also included.  List price is $349.

Tsunami ATX (S1846S/SLA)

Tyan expects its Tsunami ATX motherboard to create a wave of interest with integrators building low-cost, feature-rich systems for desktop PC and entry-level servers, and for endusers seeking a performance boost for advanced graphics/gaming applications.  The board supports a single Pentium II CPU to 400MHz with 100MHz front side bus support. Memory is expandable to 768MB with 168-pin DIMMs.  Expansion slots include 5 PCI, 2 ISA, and 1 AGP. Available as an option on the S1846SLA model is a wavetable audio chip with audio, game, microphone and speaker ports. LM79/LM75 sensor chips are also available.  List price for S1846S and SLA is $219 and $259 respectively.

AMI's Plug-n-Play flash BIOS is included on all models.  Each board is Energy Star compliant, Year 2000-ready, and PC98 ready. The boards all come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty and are available from Tyan's worldwide network of distributors, resellers and through OEM agreements.

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at