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Intel® Helps Cut Support Costs With PC Health Monitor Tool

HILLSBORO, Oregon, September 29, 1997 - Intel® Corporation today introduced LANDesk® Client Manager v3.1, a software tool for monitoring "PC health" that helps businesses avoid PC problems and ease PC administration to reduce support costs. This tool, to be distributed by manufacturers on desktop and mobile business PCs, is one of a broad range of Intel products and technologies delivered under the company's Wired for Management (WFM) initiative to help reduce the total cost of ownership of business computing environments.

LANDesk Client Manager v3.1 enables PCs to warn users and network administrators of impending problems such as hard drive failures, fan malfunctions, and overheating. The tool also enables IT managers to remotely "wake-up" desktop PCs for management services during non-use hours.

"This new release of LANDesk Client Manager makes life easier for both the user and the administrator. As part of our ongoing efforts with leading PC manufacturers to make  the Wired for Management mission a reality, we will continue to bring innovative products to market that address easy and cost effective manageability," said Ed Ekstrom, vice president of Intel's Internet and Communications Group and general manager of the Systems Management Division. "Management innovations such as LANDesk Client Manager help users achieve their goal of dramatically reducing PC support costs without compromising the benefits of high-performance PCs."

More than 20 major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) ship LANDesk Client Manager on their business desktop and mobile PCs.  Industry analysts estimate that monitoring system health with products such as LANDesk Client Manager reduces annual support costs between $25 and $141 per PC* by predicting impending problems and easing administrative steps.

Among the group of OEMs planning to ship LANDesk Client Manager v3.1 are AST Computer, Cinet, Gateway 2000 Inc., IBM Corp., ICL Personal Computers AB, Micron Technology Inc., Olivetti Personal Computers, Packard Bell NEC Inc., Pionex Technologies Inc., Supermicro Computer Inc., Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Tyan Computer Corp., Unisys Corp. and Viglen Technologies.

LANDesk Client Manager v3.1 is a part of the Intel LANDesk family of products, which allows companies to cost-effectively deploy, manage and protect networked PCs and servers. The LANDesk software supports WFM capabilities by simplifying and automating many common IT tasks that network administrators must perform.

Intel's Wired for Management initiative is a broad-based effort aimed at increasing system manageability and reducing support costs without sacrificing the advantages of high-performance business computing based on Intel Pentium® II, Pentium Pro and Pentium processors with MMX™ technology.  Intel has developed a wide range of other building blocks and products that deliver the WFM Baseline and Network PC (Net PC) capabilities to leading PC manufacturers and business users. These building blocks enable advanced hardware and software asset management, remote setup of new systems, and remote wake-up for off-hours maintenance. They include LANDesk Configuration Manager, which deploys operating systems and software across networks to Net PCs and other managed PCs; LANDesk Service Agent, a pre-boot agent that helps automate the installation of new PCs on corporate networks; Intel and Fast Ethernet networking chips and network adapters that deliver Wake on LAN*** technology and remote boot functionality to business PCs; and Intel motherboards for Net PC and other managed PC systems, which are instrumented for the Desktop Management Interface (DMI) 2.0 and provide the same remote wake-up and boot features delivered in Intel's Fast Ethernet components.

All Intel networking products are available worldwide through a network of distributors and value-added resellers. Additional product information is available at (800) 538-3373 for U.S. and Canadian customers; at (44) 1-793-431-155 for European customers; or at (503) 264-7353 for other international customers.

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of personal computer, networking, and communications products. Additional information is available at

*Source: Gartner Group, 7/97
**Third party marks and brands are property of their respective holders.
***Wake on LAN is a trademark of IBM Corporation