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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Announces Support for Intel®'s New LANDesk™ Client Manager

Will bundle it with new Pentium II boards and future LX products (S1682, S1686, S1564S/D optional)

MILPITAS, California, May 28, 1997 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today announced that it will support Intel's LANDesk Client Manager and will bundle it with its system boards.  According to Intel, Tyan is the first system board vendor in North America to bundle LANDesk software with its motherboards.

LANDesk, which works with systems running Windows NT and Windows 95, will allow network users/administrators to perform a number network management functions previously available only to system administrators. For example, LANDesk Client Manager can be used to check system inventory; update, backup, and restore system configurations, and to troubleshoot workstations. LANDesk also enables users to configure and receive notification for system events, and to view DMI-compliant component information.

With LANDesk, administrators can remotely select workstations, which allows them to transfer files to and from a client's workstation. Administrators can also remotely reboot a client's workstation, however, the client controls the administrator's access level.

"As the PC industry grows, PC systems have become more sophisticated," said Tyan President, Larry Barber. "In the past, it took experts to fully understand and control these complex systems. LANDesk offers a way for systems to interact automatically with clients, and for administrators and clients to manage computer systems together. We're working closely with Intel to make computing simpler and more productive, down to the system board level."

Tyan, a privately-held company based in Milpitas, CA, and a long time Intel marketing partner, now supports the new LAN management product because of its support for the LM78 chip. Tyan will ship LANDesk Client Manager on CD-ROM at a bundled price of $10 each.  The server version is also available at a bundled price of $50 each.

Tyan recently unveiled the Tahoe family of single and dual processor AT/ATX-footprint motherboards that support Intel's new Pentium II processor. Tyan has a complete family of Pentium and Pentium Pro motherboards based on Intel's latest chip- sets, including the 430TX, 430HX, 430VX and 440FX. These products cover a wide range of applications, from dual processing to high-end workstation and server configurations.