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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® releases latest single AMD® based platform

Tyan Re-enters the Single Processor Market With the Most Advanced AMD® Athlon XP Technology Solutions

Fremont, CA, December 2nd, 2002 - Tyan® today launched the Trinity KT400 S2495, its first single AMD® processor motherboard to be announced this year. Based on the latest Athlon™ XP processor with a 333MHz system bus, the Trinity KT400 is an ideal desktop platform for gamers, enthusiasts, and home or office users.  

The Trinity KT400 offers a range of features for specific purposes.  AGP 8X/4X and built-in 6-channel audio are excellent for entertainment and gaming applications.  Serial ATA, ATA-133 RAID, and USB 2.0 allow maximum storage capacity and compatibility.  Home or office network environments will take advantage of the 10/100 LAN.  In addition, jumper-free overclocking and the optional POST code display appeal to the enthusiast for easier system control and diagnosis.  

"The Trinity KT400 clearly represents the best value solution for customers who want the latest technology available, especially in regards to the Athlon XP with 333MHz system bus and 8X AGP support." said Danny Hsu, Director of Sales and Marketing at Tyan. 

The Trinity KT400 will reach volume production in December.