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Tyan® Tiger 200 and Thunder LE Applied on MegaServer

TBA - Telemática e Burótica Lda.

Portugal, March 09, 2001 – TAP Rallye de Portugal

Most certainly, one of the factors that determined the choice of TBA as provider of the servers that would support the processing and emission of the results for this year TAP - Rally de Portugal, was TBA's experience in manufacturing and maintaining servers of high reliability and performance for Internet infrastructures (with more than 250 MegaServer units installed in ISP's in Portugal, non-stop).

TBA supplied 4 dual processor rackmount units of 2U's, all supporting Windows2000 Advanced Server. Two of them were assigned as Data Base Server (SQL Server), and the other 2 remained as Web Servers of a local network with more than 55 PC's, aimed for the press and the rally organisation.

During the 4 days of the rally, ICL Portugal ( a long time business partner of TBA) will account for the most relevant task, i.e. managing the systems and retrieving the results by means of an applicational software, especially designed for this purpose.

At the network core, two MegaServer Silver CI-2U have been installed, with an external 50 Gbytes AIT tape backup unit, working as Data Base Servers. Both Servers have TYAN motherboards - the most recent TBA partner-, with 2 CPU's, supporting 866 MHz, along with Mylex RAID controller and 10.000 rpm hot-swap disks.

The motherboard chosen to perform this function was the Thunder LE (chipset ServerWorks ServerSet III with 64 bits PCI slots), including dual on-board network interfaces 10/100 Mbits Intel, ATI video supporting 4Mb and two Ultra160 SCSI channel.
Supporting up to 4 Gbytes of PC133 SDRAM memory, DIMM's are 25º angled, so that all the system can be packed in 1U boxes (4cm high).

The Web Server function being less demanding in hardware resources led to assigning two MegaServer Bronze model RA210 servers for this function. The TYAN motherboards used, also for 2 CPU's FC-PGA, were Tiger 200 with IDE discs. 
Tiger 200 (chipset VIA Apollo Pro) also include dual network interfaces 10/100 Mbits Intel on-board, ATI video supporting 4MB, and also have ATA100 IDE RAID controller that implements 0, 1 or 0+1 levels. Supporting up to 2 Gybtes of PC133 SDRAM memory, they can also be installed in 1U rackmount solutions.

The servers used in TAP - Portugal Rally have a 3 year warranty for all it's components, with different extension options for on-site and 24x7.

TBA wishes to thank ACP (Portuguese Automobile Club) for the trust and confidence this choice represents for the products that are developed and marketed by TBA in Portugal.

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