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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Announces Addition to Award-winning Trinity Family

Trinity K7 delivers 200 MHz frontside bus support

HANNOVER, Germany, February 24, 2000 - Today, Tyan® Computer Corp. continues its first-to-market tradition by launching the New! Trinity K7. The Trinity K7 is based on the VIA® KX-133 chipset and designed for the desktop PC market. Added to the award-winning Trinity family, its leading-edge design supports the AMD® Athlon processor and is geared for Performance PC users that require flexibility for future expansion and upgradeability. Supports 200MHz frontside bus (FSB) and 4x AGP both enable customers whose requirements include increased data transfer rates and top-notch graphics performance. Desktop users running broad business and PC gaming applications will benefit from the diversity of the Trinity K7. Trinity K7 is available today.

Trinity K7's Flexible Design

Trinity K7, based on the VIA KX-133 chipset, supports up to three standard 168-pin DIMM sockets. Both PC100 and PC133 SDRAM are supported providing more flexibility for Performance PC users. Trinity K7 is designed for 3D gaming, CAD, CAE, and CAM applications with support of up to 4x AGP for maximum graphics capabilities. Trinity K7 is equipped with 200 MHz frontside bus, the fastest in the industry, and supports today's fastest Athlon prcoessors. "By providing the user with 6 PCI slots and 4 USB connectors," remarks Danny Hsu, Product Marketing Director at Tyan Computer, "Trinity K7 provides tremendous flexibility and expandability ideal for entry-level workstation and server applications." Trinity K7 has a three-year manufacturer's warranty and is available now.

Trinity K7 (S2380) Features

  • VIA KX-133 & 686A Chipset
  • Single Slot A, support AMD K7
  • 200 MHz Frontside Bus Support
  • On Chip Audio + AC'97 Codec
  • 4x AGP Support
  • 3*DIMM, PC100/133 SDRAM, Up to 768 MB Memory
  • 6*PCI (1 PCI/ISA Combo), 1*AGP, 4*USB
  • ATX Form Factor (12" x 8.3")

Award-winning Trinity Series

The Trinity series is comprised of highly expandable system boards, which allow maximum scalability and flexibility for broad business and PC gaming applications. Other Trinity boards include the Trinity 400, the most award-winning board in the Tyan family, and the Trinity 371. The Trinity 400 board, also based on a VIA chipset, offers users PC133 memory support, and 4x AGP support for an overall flexible and reliable solution. Trinity 371 is based on Intel's 440 BX AGPset and provides support for 6 PCI slots for expandability and upgradeability. Both the Trinity 371 and the Trinity 400 are Slot 1 and Socket 370-connectors thereby protecting the user's investment during CPU slot to socket migration.

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