Newsroom > > Appro brings 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ Processors, InfiniBand and PCI Express Technologies to XtremeBlade Solution

TYAN Press Release

Appro brings 64-bit Intel® Xeon™ Processors, InfiniBand and PCI Express Technologies to XtremeBlade Solution

INTEL DEVELOPER FORUM, San Francisco, March 1, 2005 -
Appro ( ), a leading provider of high-performance enterprise computing systems unveils its new Intel Xeon processor-based XtremeBlade solution at the Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco Moscone Convention Center. Appro will demonstrate a technology sample at the PCI Express Community; kiosk number 1001 where opportunities exist for hands on interaction and formal customer presentations.  Product will be available in late Q2-2005.

The Appro XtremeBlade combines the power of 64-bit Intel Xeon processors, InfiniBand and PCI Express technologies to provide outstanding performance and scalability as well as high-bandwidth and low-latency infrastructure required for next-generation data centers.  The XtremeBlade is also designed for high-availability by offering hot-swappable blades, redundant power supplies and cooling fans as well as tight integration of key components such as network switches and centralized management. The Appro XtremeBlade solution is ideal for demanding applications that require compute intensive performance while satisfying the needs for higher reliability for the High-Performance Computing and Database markets.

The Appro XtremeBlade solution features six sub-racks housing up to 12 blade servers in each sub-rack providing a reliable clustering building block for small and large scale High-Performance, Grid or Compute On Demand deployments. An XtremeBlade Cluster can support up to 72 Blade servers in a single rack cabinet solution. The XtremeBlade solution also offers a variety of configuration options including Appro DAS/NAS/SAN based storage solutions and a choice of Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

"By offering 10 Gbps Infiniband performance and outstanding centralized remote management packaged with outstanding blade solution integration, customers can build high-bandwidth clusters today on an infrastructure that is flexible and easy to scale. Now, the enterprise database community can also benefit from the price/performance gains of HPC.  Appro will continue to look ahead to what's next in the HPC market and what innovations will help make our customers more successful; said Daniel Kim, CEO of Appro."

"This platform delivers HPC technologies and benefits that were previously unavailable in the mass enterprise marketplace.  Tyan recognizes the significance of this milestone and is pleased to have been a development partner with both Appro and Intel on this project; said Dr. T. SymonChang, President and CEO of Tyan Computer Corporation."

"Combining InfiniBand technology with the benefits of Intel EM64T and PCI Express has the potential to change the shape of business and technical computing," said Jim Pappas, director of initiative marketing for Intel's Digital Enterprise Group. "New platforms based on Intel Xeon processors, such as Appro's, that marry these technologies offer the promise of a perfectly balanced server and cluster architecture for rapid adoption in data centers and high performance computing environments."