TYAN Press Release


Advent of New TYANPSC Supercomputer (PSC) Enables Faster Research, Desk-Side Supercomputing and more

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 7, 2006 - The age of Personal Supercomputer is coming. Tyan Computer Corp. announces new TyanPSC™ Personal Supercomputer (PSC) embedded with Intel® processor during Computex Taipei 2006 on June, 7 in Taipei, Taiwan. Symon Chang, the CEO and founder of Tyan and Rick Brown, the Director of Intel Volume Platform Marketing hold special toasting ceremony for PSC's coming into market.

The usage of rack mount systems for cluster configurations has been on the increase in the past few years, showing no slowdown in the demand for platforms targeted for high-performance computing. Traditionally, high-performance computing platforms, including clusters, are situated in computer rooms some distance away from the people that use them. According to marketing research, cluster computing platform shared half of the high performance computing market. 72% of the Top500 high performance computing systems are clusters. Personal supercomputer is an emerging market of cluster computing platform. By estimate, the high performance computer market will grow up to $7.2 billion in 2006. Tyan saw a need to increase users' productivity by bringing some of the platforms right next to them in their office, the first product they are introducing is a Personal Super Computer, named TyanPSC.

Tyan as a leader in providing the building blocks in the High-Performance Computing market, has consistently built reliable and cutting edge platforms that meet the customers' needs. With TyanPSC, Tyan is again showing the world of its innovation and leadership in computing technology by bringing a Supercomputer to the desk side. This enables users to perform some of their compute intensive work quickly and easily in their office. It fills the gap between their personal PC workstation and the large HPC platforms in the computer rooms.

The TyanPSC is built specifically to answer the budding IT market requirement for High-Performance computing platforms, powerful, portable super computer that is quiet, low heat and designed for use in the office without the need for extra power. The TyanPSC is a power-efficient computing appliance that brings the power and versatility of 32- and 64-bit cluster computing that can deliver powerful multi-processor cluster performance, down to the desk side. Powered by Intel® Xeon® 5100 series processor (code name: Woodcrest) or Pentium® D processors (code name: Conroe) with low-latency Gigabit Ethernet, and up to 64 GB total RAM, the TyphPSC) provides unparalleled performance and flexibility.

Tyan creates two different new TyanPSC which embedded with different Intel®  processor platform. The T-600 with one S5372 motherboard as the head node and three S5372 motherboards as the compute nodes. The system has the capacity for up to (8) dual core Intel® Xeon® 5100 series processor, and up to 64GB of FBD Registered memory. The (9) low latency Gigabit Ethernet ports provide the essential pathways for communication and management traffic.

The TyanPSC (B5191), uses four S5191 motherboards and supports up to (4) Intel® Pentium® D single core processors and maximum of 32GB DDR2-667/533/300 Unbuffered memory. The Eight (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports offer the multiple pathways for communication and management traffic.

"With the continued consolidation and miniaturization of processing technology, it is now possible to view a convergence in applications and platforms for all environments," stated Eric Chang, Vice-President of the High-Performance Computing Business Unit (HBU) at TYAN Computer Corporation. "With the introduction of the TyanPSC, TYAN is effectively delivering the advent of a new kind of product that brings supercomputing into the office, enabling scientists, researchers, and developers to process simulation and visualization faster, finish research experiments quicker, and provide them an alternative to higher-priced, expansive server rooms that require huge amounts of resources and extensive infrastructure to support. We do believe that the TyanPSC will create a new personal supercomputing market."

The TyanPSC for Intel technologies will sample in early Q3'06, and will reach mass production levels in Q4'06. [ TYANPSC video clip ]