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TYAN Press Release

AMD formally recognizes TYAN® as solution provider in 2004

Tyan Product Solutions Endorsed by AMD through Market Builder and SPP Program

Fremont, Calif., April 28th, 2004 - AMD formally recognized Tyan®,, a market leading developer and manufacturer of single and multi-processor platforms, as an AMD Solution Provider for platforms based on AMD products.

Starting in June of 2001, Tyan marked a milestone for the motherboard industry by launching the Thunder K7 (S2462) , the world's first dual processor AMD Athlon™ MP system platform. Since that time, Tyan has released a series of award-winning AMD Athlon™ MP based products. More recently, customers have been enabled for DCC, science analysis, and other processor-intensive applications with feature-rich, high-performance 64-bit AMD Opteron™ solutions designed and built by Tyan for the server and workstation markets. Promotion of Tyan solutions will be made through AMD's Market Builder system and SPP program, both designed to grow business with partners and customers, with the Market Builder system delivering information and referrals through an all-in-one online information portal.

"Tyan has dedicated itself to providing customers with solutions to meet even the most demanding of applications," said Don Clegg, VP of Sales and Strategic Programs at Tyan. "AMD's recognition of Tyan as an AMD Solution Provider further leverages the relationship for both companies, providing even more visibility of Tyan solutions to AMD customers."

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