Newsroom > > The TYAN® Tiger K8W (S2875) enters the market as aValue dual AMD Opteron™ workstation in ATX form factor

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The TYAN® Tiger K8W (S2875) enters the market as aValue dual AMD Opteron™ workstation in ATX form factor

Tyan Adds the Tiger K8W (S2875) to its Reputable Line of High Performing AMD Opteron™ Solutions
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Computex - Taipei, Taiwan, September 22nd, 2003 - Tyan® today introduced the Tiger K8W (S2875) as the market's newest dual AMD Opteron™ powered entry workstation platform. Accommodating the most popular features of a workstation, the Tiger K8W (S2875) also has superior value for its numerous capabilities.  Serial ATA RAID, FireWire, AGP 8X/4X slot, USB 2.0, and Gigabit Ethernet connection are just some of the product's numerous highlights.

Utilizing the 64-bit AMD Opteron™ technology, the Tiger K8W (S2875) is a leader in the entry workstation class.  The most noteworthy selling point of the Tiger K8W (S2875) is its abundance of features on a compact ATX form factor without compromising its features sets. Users can have substantial cost savings by using existing chassis and power supplies when upgrading to the Tiger K8W (S2875).  The nature of its small form factor enables the Tiger K8W (S2875) to be flexible and compatible with a wide range of system enclosures and other components.

The Tiger K8W (S2875) has Serial ATA with RAID support for optimal storage space, an AGP 8X/4X slot to accept the latest in graphics card technology, six-channel audio for rich sound quality, Gigabit Ethernet connection for the best in broadband connectivity, and FireWire plus USB 2.0 ports for excellent data transfer capabilities.

"The Tiger K8W (S2875) allows users to work efficiently in digital content creation," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan. "Activities such as graphics development, video editing, and other demanding media applications will be completed with ease in its 64-bit environment."

Also available is the Tiger K8WS (S2875S), which has all the same features as the Tiger K8W (S2875) except that it is powered by a single AMD Opteron™ processor.

The Tiger K8W (S2875) and K8WS (S2875S) will both be available in mass quantities by October.