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2018/05 [No. 162 Newsletter]
New support for NVIDIA Tesla V100 32GB and Tesla P4 GPU
Products: B.FA77B7119,B.FT48TB7105,B.FT77DB7109,B.GA88B5631,B.GA88B8021,B.TN76B7102,B8026T70AV8E16HR,
2018/04 [No. 161 Newsletter]
New AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon Scalable Processor products introduced
Products: B.FT48TB7105,B.FT77DB7109,B.GA88B8021,B.TN70EB8026,
2018/03 [No. 160 Newsletter]
New AMD EPYC storage server TN70A-B8026 SKUs introduced
Products: B.FT77DB7109,B.GT75BB7102,B.TN70AB8026,
2018/02 [No. 159 Newsletter]
New embedded boards and server accessories introduced
Products: S.S5542-EX,S.S5545-EX,S.S7100-EX,
2018/01 [No. 158 Newsletter]
New Products: S7103; new S7100 SKU for embedded applications, new FA77-B7119 and FT77D-B7109 models introduced
Products: S.S7103,S7100AGM2NR-EX,B7119F77V4HR-2T-N,B7109F77DV4HR-2T-NF,
2017/12 [No. 157 Newsletter]
New Product: GT86C-B5630; new FT48T-B7105 and FA77-B7119 models introduced
Products: B.GT86CB5630,B7119F77V10E4HR-2T-N,B7105F48TV4HR-2T-G,
2017/11 [No. 156 Newsletter]
New Products: GT62FB8026, S8026-LE, FA77B7119, FT48TB7105, S7105
Products: S.S7105,S8026GM2NR-LE,B.FA77B7119,B.FT48TB7105,B.GT62FB8026,
2017/10 [No. 155 Newsletter]
NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU Platforms
Products: B.FT77DB7109,B.GA88B5631,
2017/09 [No. 154 Newsletter]
AMD EPYC Platforms
Products: S.S8026,B.TN70AB8026,
2017/08 [No. 153 Newsletter]
New Products: Intel Atom Motherboards
Products: S.S3227,