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The Shanghai Supercomputer Center project which will feature TYAN 4-socket Opteron server platforms are designed to achieve a theoretical peak performance of approximately 230 teraflops and is targeted as being the World TOP10 Supercomputer

Shanghai, China - July. 2nd, 2008- The Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), the Shanghai Supercomputer Center (SSC) and the Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (Dawning) has signed off a joint project under the “National 863 Program*” in Beijing for building the fastest supercomputer system in China with an amounted 2 billion RMB budget. The SSC system will become the fastest supercomputer in China and is targeting the Top10 supercomputer list on the upcoming World TOP500 ranking when it officially starts operation in December 2008. The SSC system, constructed by Dawning, is equipped with 1920 nodes of TYAN S4982* 4-socket server motherboards and Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ processors. It will achieve a theoretical peak performance of approximately 230 TFlop/s which makes it the largest and fastest supercomputer in China.

The SSC Shanghai system is one of the most important projects among China Government’s “National 863 program.” It is collaborated by ICT, SSC and Dawning. Dawning plays the main role in hardware design, software tuning and after-sale service. To deliver a system that meets the supercomputer configuration criteria, system stability and run comprehensive applications, Dawning leveraged TYAN’s R&D and manufacturing force to designing the 5000A Supercomputer System which is comprised with a TYAN S4982 server motherboard and four Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ 8300 Processors (code name:8347HE) on each node.

The SSC system will start operation in December 2008 and will be the No. 1 Supercomputer in China. It will hopefully become one of the Top10 Supercomputers on the upcoming TOP500 ranking. It is also the second time for a SSC supercomputer project to be listed in the TOP10 after its first debute with the 4000A systems back in 2004. That system was comprised of 1920 nodes, more than 30,000 computing cores, 100TB memory and 700TB HDD Storage capacity. The SSC supercomputer system running on Linux and WHS 2008 operation system will achieve a theoretical peak performance of approximately 230 TFlop/s and beyond 70% of Linpack efficiency.

The Dawning 5000A system is the blade system for SMB configuration for HPC users. The Dawning supercomputer system demonstrates China’s development capabilities in the HPC field, both in terms of software and hardware. Compared to the 640-nodes 4000A system built with TYAN S4880 4-socket server platform in 2004, the 5000A supercomputer system will have twenty times the performance of the 4000A with similar space density and just a 50% increases in power consumption.

“Being the leading brand in high end server market, Dawning wins customers’ satisfaction and trust because of its hardware and software engineer capability and resource coordination ability. With the expertise in planning and operating the supercomputer center, Dawning was chosen as the major and only vendor of SSC in Shanghai twice,” said Nie Hwua, the vice president of Dawning. “We chose TYAN as the server partner in constructing the SSC project because we are satisfied with TYAN’s product quality, R&D expertise and manufacturing resources. TYAN’s advantages enable Dawning to keep a leading position in the HPC and server market.”

“Being the leading worldwide server platform provider, TYAN focuses in advanced R&D and manufacturing ability,” said James Sytwu, the GM of TYAN Business Unit of Mitac International Corp. “TYAN is proud of taking part of SSC distinguished projects twice with Dawning. TYAN is chosen as the Dawning’s partner for high product quality, R&D expertise and excellent after-sell service. Moving forward, TYAN will continue developing and providing the leading technology to our customers, such as Dawning and more, to enable them to be the leader in their field.”

The China Government’s “National 863 program” is aimed in creating a supercomputing platform for comprehensive Chinese HPC users to share great hardware equipment and software applications in performing complicated scientific configurations and improving science technologies ability among China.

TYAN S4982 is a 4-way high end server motherboard which supports four Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ 8300 processors or four Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ 8100 processor and 16 memory slots that supports up to 128GB ECC registered memory. For more information, please visit TYAN website:

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