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TYAN'S FT48-B7055 with LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® Application Acceleration Card and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator Pre-installed Delivers Outstanding Performance for Computing, Data Transmission, and Data Migration.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA - November 12th, 2012 –TYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer and subsidiary of MiTAC International Corp, will live demo its FT48-B7055 with LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® application acceleration card and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator pre-installed. This platform delivers outstanding computing performance for data transmission and data migration. TYAN will display a full array of products in cooperation with industry leading companies designed for HPC and power-efficient computing environments at SC'12. This includes the latest microserver platform, the FM65-B5519, with 18 front-serviced computing nodes, the 4-Socket systems GT26A-B8812 and FT68-B7910, the FT48-B7055 and FT77A-B7059 high-density GPU platforms supporting 4/8 GPU cards, and the KGN70A and KTN70A storage platforms with 18/24 HDDs in a 2U chassis. These platforms will all be showcased at TYAN's booth (#2419) along with Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters, an LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® application acceleration card and a NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator.

The Live Demo Product: TYAN FT48-B7055 with LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® Application Acceleration Card and NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator

TYAN FT48-B7055 platform with pre-installed (2) Intel® Xeon® E5-2650L Processors, (8) Nanya R-DDR3 DIMMs, (1) NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator, (1) LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® application acceleration card and (5) Western Digital 3.5" SATA HDDs will be showcased in a live demo at SC'12. The system delivers incredible computing power and reduces the computing time within a 4U enclosure, which accommodates 4 GPU accelerators. The live demo program demonstrates to users how the system continuously computes intensive data and manages critical tasks aimed at achieving the computation goal. The LSI Nytro™ MegaRAID® application acceleration card accelerates and secures the massive data transmission as well as the NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU which manages heavy computing workloads and delivers greater performance that make the TYAN FT48-B7055 system become the perfect solution for an HPC computing environment. TYAN will also showcase their Intel 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters as an optional choice in accelerating data connectivity and transmission.

Collaborating with NVIDIA, TYAN announces its GPU server platforms will be compatible with the newly launched NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator. With support from the NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator, TYAN GPU platforms deliver greater computing performance, faster parallel computing throughput in managing critical workloads with higher energy-efficiency. TYAN will offer the complete GPU computing solutions with NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPU Accelerator to server channel customers as well.

"IT professionals are looking for flexible, reliable, higher-performance and lower operation cost solutions in building its own IT facility," said Albert Mu, General Manager of TYAN Business Unit and Vice President of MiTAC International Corporation. "TYAN's mission is to invent and manufacture products that help customers increase their ability to achieve its company goal via powerful IT infrastructure with TYAN platforms."

The HPC Product Lines: CPU-centric, GPU-centric and technical computing

- CPU Centric: GT24-B8236- IL & GT26A-B8812
- GPU Centric: S7055, S7065, GN70-B7056, TA77-B7061, FT48-B7055 & FT77A-B7059
- Technical Computing: S7050, S7053, S7056, S7066

Ranging from CPU-centric, GPU-centric, technical computing, webhosting, virtualization and nearline storage, the full array of TYAN products showcased at SC'12 are perfect solutions to HPC and Cloud Computing which deliver superior performance in managing complicated, complex, massive or virtualized workloads. Aiming at HPC fields, TYAN announces its rich product portfolio of CPU-centric, GPU-centric and Technical Computing. For users looking for more CPUs and more cores, TYAN presents its GT24-B8236- IL and GT26A-B8812 which supports more computing cores, 4 CPU sockets, in a 1U enclosure that enable IT professionals to increase productivity and computing threads. The GT26A-B8812 is designed to accommodate 4 CPU sockets and 32 DIMM slots on board that deliver tremendous computing power in a 1U chassis.

For customers looking for GPU solutions, TYAN offers a variety of motherboard products, such as the S7055 and S7065, as well as barebone solutions, such as the GN70-B7056, TA77-B7061, FT48-B7055 and FT77A-B7059. These products support multiple GPU accelerators ranging from 2 GPUs, 4 GPUs and up to 8 GPUs that help customers generate computing data faster and easier with required system reliability. All these TYAN GPU solutions are under-validation with industry-leading companies' products such as Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors, NVIDIA Tesla K Series and ATI FirePro hence customers can have more choices in building its own GPU cluster solutions.

For technical computing, TYAN will display its Intel Xeon® E5-2600 processor based products including the S7050, S7053, S7056 and S7066 server motherboards. The S7050 is the most cost-effective Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 platform for general-purpose computing and the S7053 integrates discrete SAS 6G IOC for most enterprise storage applications. The S7056 and S7066 are both rack-optimized server boards for 1U/2U rackmount chassis deployment. The S7056 provides 2 onboard 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 48 PCI-E Gen.3 lanes for 2U I/O expansion, while the S7066 provides 3 onboard Gigabit Ethernet ports, discrete SAS 6G IOC, and 32 PCI-E Gen.3 lanes for 1U I/O expansion.

The Cloud Computing Product Lines: webhosting, virtualization and nearline storage

- Webhosting: FM65-B5519 & FS65-B5521
- Virtualization: S7052 and FT68-B7910
- Nearline Storage: KYM49, KGN70A, KTN70A & GT62A-B5512

Targeting Cloud Computing, TYAN presents webhosting, virtualization and nearline storage products with special form factor and unique design placement. As the next generation of Micro Server, the TYAN FM65-B5519 with 18 computing nodes supports Intel® Xeon® E3-1200 v2 Processors while the FS65-B5521 contains 9 computing nodes and 9 storage nodes. These two platforms are the ideal solution to help users to accelerate Internet host service for users with up to 18 computing nodes working at the same peak time.

The TYAN S7052 motherboard supports 24 DIMM slots and the TYAN FT68-B7910 barebone supports up to 1TB memory capacity within 32 DIMM slots. More CPU core counts, more memory capacity and more HDDs allow these two products to meet users' needs of high-end computing from virtualization application. Targeting at the nearline storage, the TYAN KYM49 (4U/26-bay), KTN70A (2U/24-bay), KGN70A (2U/18-bay), and KGT62A (1U/10-bay) enclosures build up the portfolio that satisfies various application scenarios in data centers.

Visitors are welcome to experience TYAN's full product portfolio at TYAN booth (#2419) in Salt Palace Convention Center during the SC'12 from November, 12th to 15th, 2012. Contact your local TYAN sales representative for product availability and pricing. For more detailed product information, please visit the TYAN website:
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