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Tyan® announces Special Bundle Program for AMD Opteron™ based motherboard and "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64"

For a Limited Time, Tyan Bundles the Thunder K8S S2880 with Advanced Operating System, "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64" for Customers in Asia and Australia

Taipei, Taiwan, May 23rd, 2003 - Tyan® today announced the start of a bundling program of the Thunder K8S (S2880) with "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64", a Linux based operating system designed by leading global software company Turbolinux.   The features of the Thunder K8S (S2880), combined with the "Turbolinux 8 for AMD64" operating system, provide users with leading edge performance and flexibility optimized for the AMD Opteron™ processor in the Linux environment.

The Thunder K8S (S2880) is a dual AMD Opteron™ platform for today's most rigorous server applications. Besides utilizing a 64-bit CPU processing with an integrated memory controller, it has unique features such as Serial ATA and SCSI options for high storage capabilities. Dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports also increase network connectivity and bandwidth on a PCI-X bus.

Turbolinux 8 for AMD64 is a 64-bit Linux operating system especially designed for the AMD Opteron™ processors.  Demonstrating scalability and reliability, it operates 64-bit and 32-bit applications with a user-friendly installation interface.  Turbolinux 8 for AMD64 fully supports open source technologies designed for x86-based systems. The first Linux OS available in Japan dedicated to the AMD64, it supports multi-language environments such as Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Japanese, and Korean.
"Turbolinux is extremely pleased to offer its powerful and versatile operating system with the Tyan Thunder K8S (S2880)," said Koichi Yano, COO and President, Turbolinux, Incorporated.  "The combination of the two products is the complete and cost effective solution for users who desire backwards compatibility, different language options, and a stable operating system with 64-bit technology advantage."

The bundle program is available in Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, and Australia.
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