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Tyan® unveils the Trinity i875P and Tomcat i875P, platforms based on the new Intel® 875P chipset with 800MHz system bus

Tyan Announces Workstation and Server Solutions Based on Intel®'s Next-Generation 875P Chipset
Products: S5101 

Fremont, CA, April 14th, 2003 - Tyan® today announced the Trinity i875P S5101 and Tomcat i875P S5102, two platforms engineered around the new Intel® 875P chipset.  This latest chipset enables the industry's first platforms with an 800MHz system bus and Dual Channel DDR400 memory for enhanced performance and productivity.  The Trinity i875P S5101 enters the market as a high-end desktop or entry-level workstation, while the Tomcat i875P S5102 makes its debut as an entry-level rackmount server platform.

The Trinity i875P S5101 is a powerful platform that meets the competitive requirements of today's most demanding high-end desktop and entry-level workstation in a compact ATX form factor.  Features such as AGP 8X Pro, six-channel audio, and up to two Gigabit Ethernet LANs offer high quality of visuals, increased richness to sound quality, and maximum capacity in information transferring and processing.

The perfect solution for an entry-level rackmount server is the Tomcat i875P S5102. The key highlight of this platform is its strategic placement of its components that contribute to its stability and performance.  As opposed to the standard placement of DIMM slots which are in front of the processor on most motherboards, the DIMM slots on the Tomcat i875P are strategically placed to the side of the processor, a feature that enables improved airflow over the platform in a 1U rackmount.  In addition, Serial ATA RAID and two Gigabit Ethernet LANs deliver high storage capacities and optimal network connectivity.

"The Trinity i875P S5101 and Tomcat i875P S5102 represent the cutting edge technology Tyan continues to deliver," said Danny Hsu, Senior Director of Marketing at Tyan.  "Offering platforms across multiple market segments based on Intel's latest 875P chipset proves our design abilities for the latest available technology."
"The combination of Intel Performance Acceleration Technology, 800 MHz system bus and dual channel DDR-400 memory delivers industry leading performance for entry-level workstations and high-end desktop based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor and Intel 875P chipset," said Hemant Dhulla, director of enterprise chipset marketing of Intel's Enterprise Platforms Group. "Tyan's new 875P-based boards offer flexible solutions to meet a broad range of end user needs."
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