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Tyan® exhibiting full line of Tachyon graphics cards at CeBIT 2003

With the Tachyon Series Growing, Tyan is Displaying the Latest Industry Leading Graphics Accelerators at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany

CeBIT, Hannover, Germany, March 12, 2003 - Tyan® Computer, one of ATI® Technologies' select certified AIB partners, is proud to showcase its full line of ATI RADEON™ based graphics cards at this year's CeBIT in Hannover.  Tyan is displaying the newest AGP 8X additions to the Tachyon Series graphics card family, including the G9500 PRO and the G9200 Series, as well as highly acclaimed products such as G9700 PRO and the G9000 PRO.

The Tachyon G9500 PRO brings both the world of Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and the speed of AGP 8X to gaming enthusiasts everywhere.  With a 275MHz engine clock and 128 MB of 540MHz DDR memory, it is an incredibly fast solution with an excellent price-performance ratio. Other features include an 8 pixel rendering pipeline, an advanced cooling solution, 128-bit floating point color precision, ATI's HYDRAVISION™ software for multiple monitor display, and the latest OpenGL® support.

The Tachyon G9200 Series graphics cards are the first mainstream graphics solutions to combine Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 support with the AGP 8X standard.  These are value products designed for the entry-level user to the professional. The Tachyon G9200 LE features a 250MHz engine clock and a 550MHz DDR memory clock, 64MB of high-performance DDR memory, and the latest OpenGL® support. An advanced quad-pipe rendering architecture and programmable geometry and texture engines produce dazzling, high-speed 3D graphics. Final specifications for the Tachyon G9200 PRO will be announced shortly.

Both the Tachyon G9500 PRO and the Tachyon G9200 Series feature Tyan's much anticipated Tachyon Graphics Monitor Software 2.0, which will allow users not only to monitor key hardware indicators such VPU temperature and voltage, but to regulate the fan speed on the card for optimal acoustics in the end-user's PC environment.

The Tachyon G9700 PRO has garnered the attention of technology magazines and online communities around the world. The G9700 PRO can be over-clocked up to nearly 400MHz - making it one of the fastest graphics cards on the market today.  Fitted with an advanced cooling system, the graphics card can run cool and stable with memory speeds approaching the limits of today's DDR memory technology. Moreover, the Tachyon G9700 PRO features Tachyon Graphics Monitor 1.0 software, which is the industry's first hardware monitoring software application for ATI RADEON based graphics cards.

The Tachyon G9000 PRO offers four parallel, highly optimized rendering pipelines, providing enhanced performance normally found on more expensive graphics cards.  Tachyon G9000 PRO users also get 64MB of DDR memory, best-in-class 3D gaming, complex and realistic lighting effects, DirectX® 8.1 and latest OpenGL® support, dual-display support, and an industry-leading software suite.

"Tyan is fully committed to designing the most cutting-edge graphics card technology for the gaming market today," said Danny Hsu, Director of Marketing at Tyan. "We are extremely proud to continue the Tachyon Series with the latest engineering advancements such as hardware monitoring and over-clocking for the enthusiasts."

"ATI is pleased to work with Tyan to bring excellent products to market," said Matt Skynner, Director, Graphic Partner Marketing, ATI Technologies Inc. "Teaming with companies like Tyan helps us achieve our goal of delivering the ultimate visual experience."

The Tachyon G9700 PRO and G9000 PRO are currently shipping, while the G9500 PRO will ship in late March, the G9200 LE in April, and the G9200 PRO in May. Please visit next month for announcements about Tyan's upcoming Tachyon G9800 Series and Tachyon G9600 Series graphics cards, based on the exciting new ATI RADEON 9800 Series and 9600 Series chipsets.

At CeBIT, Tyan will also be displaying its new AGP 8X based motherboards that complement the Tachyon Series graphics cards for any number of ideal workstation, gaming or multimedia solutions. The Trinity KT400 S2495 takes advantage of AMD®'s Athlon™ XP processor with Advanced 333MHz Front Side Bus. The Trinity i7205 S2662 supports Intel®'s Pentium™ 4 processor with HyperThreading technology and incredibly fast dual-channel DDR memory bandwidth at 4.27GB per second. Finally, the Thunder i7505 S2665 is powered by dual Intel Xeon with 512K L2 cache processors, features maximized dual-channel DDR memory capabilities, integrated Gigabit Ethernet, and optional Ultra320 SCSI support.

For more detailed information about Tyan products or to speak to a Tyan representative, please visit us at one of our CeBIT showcases:

1. American Pavilion, Hall 22, Booth A6/A7
2. MiTAC Booth, Hall 2, Booth A36.

There will be a live demo of the upcoming Tachyon G9800 PRO at the MiTAC Booth in Hall 2.
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