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AMD's Multiprocessor Platform Receives Novell's Server Software Certification( Tyan mentioned in AMD's Press Release )

SUNNYVALE, CA -- JUNE 28, 2001-- AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that Novell Inc., a leading provider of Net services software, has certified the AMD Athlon™ MP processor and the AMD-760™ MP chipset, AMD's multiprocessing platform for one- and two-way servers. This certification, known as "Yes, Tested and Approved," assures business users that through rigorous testing, Novell has evaluated AMD's multiprocessing platform as providing the highest degree of reliability and interoperability with the Novell NetWare operating system.

Novell NetWare is a server operating system that brings non-stop access and Internet-ready security to all types of networks.

"Novell is proud to be the first server operating system to certify the AMD Athlon MP processor and the AMD-760 MP multiprocessing chipset," said Carleton Watkins, director of Worldwide Developer Support for Novell. "The union of Novell NetWare with AMD's innovative hardware provides a stable and robust enterprise and Internet server platform, and we look forward to more collaborative efforts with AMD in the future."

"AMD is excited to earn Novell certification of our one- and two-way server platform," said Ned Finkle, director of Software Infrastructure Relations for AMD. "With Novell's official certification, commercial customers can be assured that servers built with AMD Athlon MP processors provide users with robust and reliable platforms."

Novell has certified server systems using Tyan's
Thunder K7 S2462 system board, the world's first dual-processor, DDR-based platform for AMD's new line of AMD Athlon MP processors for servers and workstations. Tyan's Thunder K7 system board utilizes breakthrough chipset technology and includes a host of integrated features.

"Novell certification is certainly a significant milestone in the validation of this breakthrough platform," said
Don Clegg
, vice president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Tyan. "This certification empowers IT managers to choose Tyan and AMD server technology that delivers performance at previously unmatched values."

The AMD multiprocessing platform has been certified for a number of Novell products, including Novell NetWare 5.1 with Support Pack 2a, GroupWise 5.5, Novell Distributed Print Services 2.1, NDS eDirectory and Novell BorderManager 3.5.

Based on the state-of-the-art AMD Athlon MP processor and the AMD-760 MP chipset, AMD's multiprocessing platform supports Double Data Rate (DDR) memory technology and incorporates AMD's latest innovation, Smart MP technology. AMD's stable Socket A infrastructure is planned to exceed enterprise users' long-term business needs while lowering their cost of doing business. Smart MP technology enables the combined power of the processor and chipset to deliver better overall performance on widely available, x86-based, dual-processor platforms.

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