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Tyan® Announces Systemboard for Intel® Xeon™ Processor

Thunder i860 Sets New Precedent for High-Performance Workstation Market

Fremont, CA, May 21, 2001 – Tyan® Computer Corporation today announced it will begin shipments tomorrow of its Thunder i860 , one of the first dual processor platforms for the Intel® Xeon™ processor.

Tyan, a leading designer and developer of Internet infrastructure products and system board solutions, is expected to be among the first system board manufacturers to ship a platform for the Intel Xeon processor.  Based on the Intel 860 chipset, the Thunder i860 is ideal for OEMs, VARs, and System Integrators who build high-performance workstations for graphics, CAD/CAM and technical workstation applications.

In addition to supporting two Xeon processors, the Thunder i860 features a total of eight RIMM sockets.  This flexible design allows the Thunder i860 to support up to 4GB of memory, twice the capacity of other competing platforms.  It also includes dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI, 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two 64-bit 66MHz PCI slots, and provides leading-edge graphics performance through an AGP Pro slot.

Intel's Xeon processor features the Intel NetBurst™ micro-architecture, 3.2GB/sec of peak bandwidth, 256kB Advanced Transfer Cache, and Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2) for enhanced floating-point performance.  The combination of the Xeon processor with its blazing 400MHz system bus and the i860 chipset provide the highest system performance to power today's workstation applications.

The new Intel Xeon processor line is the premier, high-performance product for workstations, offering customers a choice of operating systems and applications as well as top performance at affordable prices," said Tom Garrison, director of IA32 Enterprise Marketing at Intel. "We're pleased that Tyan is among the first system board manufacturers to ship a platform for the Intel Xeon processor."

"Supporting two Intel Xeon processors, a 64-bit PCI bus, and dual-channel memory architecture, the Thunder i860 is the perfect platform for workstation applications that require groundbreaking CPU, memory and I/O performance"  said Symon Chang, founder and CEO of Tyan, which previously was named the 19th fastest growing private company in America by INC. magazine.  "These powerful features, combined with integrated storage, network, and audio controllers, make it the premium workstation platform.  We're proud to be one of the first to market with this high-performance solution."

Thunder i860 (S2603) Features

  • Dual PGA603 ZIF sockets support up to two Intel Xeon processors
  • Intel 860 chipset supports an industry-leading 400MHz system bus
  • Memory Expansion Card (MEC) features eight 184-pin RIMM sockets, which supports up to 4GB of PC800 Rambus® memory
  • One AGP Pro, two 64-bit 66MHz PCI and three 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots
  • Integrated dual-channel Ultra160 SCSI, 10/100BaseT LAN and PCI audio controllers
  • Extended ATX form factor (13" x 12")
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