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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Unveils Tiger 200™ Dual-Processor Systemboard

Ideal Platform For Entry-Level Desktop and Rackmount Servers

Fremont, CA, January 10, 2001 – Tyan Computer Corporation®, a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and systemboard solutions, today unveiled their latest platform for the entry-level PC server and workstation markets. The Tiger 200 systemboard features a scalable design, superior expandability, integrated LAN connectivity, and RAID data protection technology. Ideal for small-business workgroup environments, IT managers and professionals will appreciate the Tiger 200's powerful feature set and easy manageability.

When combined with the latest Intel® Pentium® III processors, the Tiger 200 provides new levels of performance, scalability and affordability for the entry-level workstation and server markets, including servers developed for rackmount environments. Furthermore, with the ability to accept one or two processors, the Tiger 200 meets the performance and budgetary requirements of today, while providing expandability for the future.

Affordable Multi-Processing

While many of today's multi-processor platforms include costly features such as RDRAM support, integrated SCSI and extensive server management, the Tiger 200 is based on proven, cost-effective technologies that provide exceptional performance and value, including the VIA® Apollo™ Pro133A chipset. With its robust feature set, the Tiger 200 will be a viable solution for users requiring top-notch server performance at an affordable price.

"The Tiger 200 provides IT professionals and power-users with a cost-effective multi-processor platform for the latest Pentium III processors" states Danny Hsu, Director of Strategic Marketing at Tyan. "With a powerful feature set that includes dual network controllers, integrated RAID technology and hardware monitoring, the Tiger 200 is the perfect platform for building affordable desktop and rackmount servers. Furthermore, with it's 4x AGP slot, the Tiger 200 also performs well in the entry-level workstation space".

Integrated RAID Technology

In addition to dual-channel DMA/100 support, the Tiger 200 utilizes the Promise® FastTrak100™ chipset to provide RAID technology right on the systemboard. This design enables users to easily protect their valuable data through the implementation of RAID 0, 1 or 0+1 technology. The FastTrak100 also incorporates features normally found in high-end SCSI RAID solutions including Tagged Command Queuing, Scatter/Gather DMA, Elevator Seek and more. These features, when combined with DMA/100 hard drives, provide Tiger 200 users with a powerful RAID solution that rivals the performance of higher-end SCSI RAID solutions.

Tiger 200 (S2505) Features

  • Dual FC-PGA design supports one or two Intel Pentium III processors
  • VIA Apollo Pro133A chipset supports a 100MHz or 133MHz Front-Side Bus
  • 4 DIMM sockets support 2GB of PC100 or 1.5GB of PC133 SDRAM
  • Dual Intel 82559 LAN controllers support 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • Integrated ATI® RAGE™ XL VGA graphics acceleratorIntegrated Promise FastTrak100 IDE RAID controller
  • Four DMA/100 channels; two via chipset, two via FastTrak100 RAID controller
  • One 2x/4x AGP slot and five PCI slots
  • ATX form factor (12" x 9.6")


Initial shipments of the Tiger 200 have commenced, with wide availability expected by mid January, 2001. For more information, please contact Tyan at 510-651-8868 or visit their web site at