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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Introduces Thunder i840™ Platform

Multi-Processor Systemboard Utilizes High-Performance Intel® 840 Chipset

Fremont, CA, October 19, 2000 - Tyan® Computer Corp., a leading designer and manufacturer of Internet infrastructure products and systemboard solutions, announced the Thunder i840 systemboard today, expanding their extensive line of innovative Internet platforms. The Thunder i840 is Tyan's most powerful platform for high-performance workstations and mid-range servers.

Based on the Intel 840 chipset, the Thunder i840 is specifically designed to meet the requirements of today's multi-processor systems. When combined with the latest Pentium III processors, the Thunder i840 provides exciting new levels of performance, scalability and reliability for System Integrators and OEMs offering leading-edge system solutions.

Extraordinary Performance

The Thunder i840 utilizes a multi-processor, dual memory channel architecture to provide maximum performance for today's CPU-intensive, bandwidth-hungry applications. Its dual-channel RDRAM memory bus design enables maximum data transfer rates of 3.2GB/sec, far outpacing SDRAM-based platforms. These key features provide increased performance for web and e-commerce applications, graphics manipulation and visualization, streaming video and audio, and more. State-of-the-Art Manageability

"The Thunder i840 provides OEMs and System Integrators with a stable, feature-rich platform for their workstation and server offerings" states Danny Hsu, Director of Product Marketing at Tyan. "With a broad feature set that includes RDRAM support, dual LAN and SCSI connections, and integrated server management, the Thunder i840 is an ideal platform for mission-critical applications."

Server management is a crucial consideration for today's server platforms. The Thunder i840 provides for server management through the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI). IPMI provides for server inventory, monitoring, logging and recovery control functions independent of the server's main processors, BIOS and operating system. With these enterprise-class server management capabilities, the Thunder i840 is the perfect choice for high-availability server applications.

Thunder i840 (S2520) Features

  • Dual FC-PGA design supports one or two Intel Pentium III processors
  • Intel 840 chipset supports a 100MHz or 133MHz Front-Side Bus
  • Dual-channel memory bus with 4 RIMM sockets that support 2GB of PC800 RDRAM
  • Dual Ultra160 SCSI connections (manufacturing option)
  • Integrated VGA, DMA/100 and dual LAN connections
  • Two 64-bit 66MHz and two 64-bit 33MHz PCI expansion slots
  • Hardware monitoring and Intelligent Platform Management (manufacturing option)
  • Extended ATX form factor (13" x 12")