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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Continues Focus on Server and Workstation Markets

Introducing Tyan's New Thunder 2400 and Thunder 2500 Boards

HANNOVER, Germany, February 24, 2000 - Today, Tyan® Computer Corp. introduces the New! Thunder 2400 and Thunder 2500 system boards designed for the high-end server and workstation markets. Tyan continues its first-to-market tradition by expanding the Thunder family with two leading-edge system boards. The Thunder series is comprised of highly integrated system boards, which allow maximum scalability and flexibility for applications such as: SAN storage solutions, real-time simulations, digital media, web serving, rendering, virtual reality, and CAD. The Thunder 2400 board is based on the Intel 840 chipset delivering support of up to 4x AGP for graphics-intensive solutions. Thunder 2500™, based on the Serverworks ServerSet™ III HE chipset, provides the most memory support available today with up to 8 GB of PC133 SDRAM for memory-intensive applications.  The Thunder 2400 and the Thunder 2500 are available today.

Thunder 2400 Provides Graphic Advantage

Thunder 2400 is perfect for video editing, real-time simulations, virtual reality, game development, and animation applications with support of up to 4x AGP for maximum graphics capabilities. The Intel 840-based Thunder 2400 is equipped with two 64-bit PCI slots, the widest in the industry, delivering fast and wide scalability and throughput for future expansion possibilities. Onboard the Thunder 2400 are LAN, audio, and dual channel Ultra2 SCSI features creating a complete system for high-end or mid-range workstation and server solutions.

"Tyan's Thunder 2400 delivers 3D graphics users superior graphics performance using Intel's newest chipset with 4x AGP support." stated Symon Chang, "The board is also highly integrated for future expansion and upgradeable opportunities."

Thunder 2400 (S2257) Features

  • Intel 840 chipset
  • Dual Slot 1
  • 840 Audio Link
  • Dual Ultra2 or Ultra3 SCSI
  • Intel 559 LAN Controller
  • 4*DIMM, PC100 SDRAM, Up to 4 GB memory
  • Two 64-bit 33/66 MHz and four 32-bit 33 MHz PCI, 1*4x AGP
  • Extended ATX form factor (12" x 13")

Thunder 2500 Supports up to 8 GB of Memory

Thunder 2500 proves that wider is better with two fully independent 64-bit PCI buses, two PCI slots running at 66 MHz, and four running at 33MHz.  Thunder 2500 is able to support up to 8GB of PC133 SDRAM making it ideal for memory-intensive solutions such as: SAN storage, the Internet infrastructure, and web serving.  The highly integrated Serverworks-based board has SCSI, LAN, and audio features all onboard for high-end server and workstation applications. Thunder 2500 supports AGP Pro and provides more graphics performance 3D graphics applications.

Thunder 2500 (S1867) Features

  • Serverworks ServerSet III chipset
  • Dual Slot 1
  • Creative ES 1373 Audio Controller
  • Dual Ultra2 or Ultra3 SCSI
  • Intel 559 LAN Controller
  • 8*DIMM, PC133 SDRAM, Up to 8 GB memory
  • Two 64-bit 66 MHz and four 64-bit 33 MHz PCI, 1*AGP Pro
  • Extended ATX form factor (12" x 13")

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