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TYAN Press Release

Tyan® Announces i810e-based Integrated Systems Board

FREMONT, California, September 30, 1999 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today announced its new Tomcat i810e (S2056) motherboard based on the new Intel 810e AGPset. The new board offers significant performance advantages over existing i810 based motherboards, and delivers a greater set of integrated features than previously available – in a Micro ATX form factor.

More Integration

A 3D graphics accelerator, AC/97 sound, UltraDMA 66 IDE controller, and an optional ethernet controller are integrated into the Tomcat i810e. This new board uses a 3D graphics accelerator that is built into the 810e chipset combined with 4MB of dedicated display memory and a standard 15-pin analog VGA port to drive the display. As a manufacturing option, Tyan also offers an integrated Silicon Image SII154 Digital 20-pin video-out header for the popular space-saving flat-panel LCD displays. The on-board AC/97 sound controller allows for software audio (powered by the processor) and offers connections for speaker output, microphone input and game port.  The Tomcat i810e's UltraDMA 66 controller provides two channels of UDMA/66 on two 40-pin IDE connectors (supports up to four devices).   UltraDMA 66 represents the latest advancement in IDE hard drive performance. An optional Intel 82559 10/100 Base-T Ethernet controller facilitates high speed network connectivity without the need for a separate LAN card. Ports for all the integrated controllers are located on the ATX I/O panel.  In addition, OEM AMR option is available for system integrators.  

"Carrying on Tyan's tradition of creating highly integrated products, the Tomcat i810e allows us to offer the public our newest feature-rich system solution at value price," explained Dan Hsu, Director of Marketing for Tyan Computer.  This full complement of on-board controllers translates into faster, easier system design and assembly for system integrators by removing theneed for add-on controller cards. On-board controller also reduces the total costof the system. The board comes with a Tyan Driver CD that is packed with all necessary drivers and utilities for the on-board controllers. Driver updates are readily available from the web site.

More Integration

First generation i810 based motherboards were only capable of supporting 100MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), 100MHz SDRAM and 100MHz graphics memory. The Tomcat i810e supports 133MHz FSB and the new PC133 SDRAM for graphics memory. A 33% increase in graphics memory speed and in FSB speed will yield impressive gains in overall system and graphics performance compared to the 100MHz FSB speed that pervades the industry today. "The Tomcat i810e maximizes the possible flexibility and expandability upgrade paths for boards in a micro-ATX form factor," Hsu explained.

The Tomcat i810e is priced below $100 in OEM quantities with a three year manufacturer's warranty, and is Y2K compliant (per NSTL standards).

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at