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TYAN Press Release

New Tyan® Motherboards Fly with 100MHz System Bus Support

New Models offer a high performance upgrade for socket7 CPUs, Pentium® II upgrade with 440BX chipset for desktop systems, and 440EX chipset motherboard for building sub-$1,000 systems

FREMONT, California, June 23, 1998 - Tyan® Computer Corp. today announced a pair of new motherboards for Pentium II and Socket 7 microprocessors that feature 100MHz system bus support for workstation-class desktop PCs, and a low-cost Slot 1 Pentium II system board with Intel's 440EX chipset for consumer-driven sub-$1,000 systems.

New motherboard models include the Trinity 100 AT (S1590S) for Socket 7 CPUs;  the Tsunami AT (S1830S/SL) with 440BX AGPset for Pentium II CPUs to 400MHz and beyond, or Celeron CPUs; and the Tigercub ATX (S1694SA) with Intel 440EX AGPset for Intel Pentium II and Celeron CPUs. All three boards provide endusers with the processing power to utilize next generation peripherals with Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP), PCI expansion slots, and UltraDMA/33 support.

"The Trinity 100 AT protects the user's initial investment in Socket 7 technology, while upgrading the system to AGP at a low cost for ultimate graphics performance," said Symon Chang, Tyan Chairman and CEO.

This single CPU motherboard supports Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K5/K6/K63D, the Cyrix M1/M2, and IDT C6/C6+ microprocessors.  It features VIA's MVP3 chipset – the newest and fastest 100MHz Socket 7/AGP chipset.

The Trinity's main board memory is expandable to 384 MBs with three 168-pin DIMM and two 72-pin SIMM sockets.  Expansion includes 4 PCI, 4 ISA and 1 AGP slots and twin Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports for connecting up to 126 devices.  Other features include a switching power supply; on-board PCI EIDE and Super I/O, and 1 MB second level cache, which increases speed by up to 20 percent. It also has built-in support for UltraDMA33 to give users access to the fastest hard drives available today while maintaining compatibility with older drives.  OEM pricing is expected to be less than $100.

The Tigercub ATX is a single processor motherboard with optional on-board sound that takes advantage of the Micro ATX (MATX) form factor for manufacturers designing low-cost Pentium II based systems.  It supports Intel Pentium II and Celeron CPUs to 333MHz and has Intel's 440EX AGPset.  The Tigercub ATX is expected to list for less than $100 in OEM quantities.

The Tigercub ATX features 2 PCI, 2 ISA and 1 AGP slot.  It supports up to 512 MB of EDO memory with two 168-pin DIMMs.  Other features include on-board switching power supply; Ultra DMA/33 PCI EIDE and Super I/O; on-board 3D stereo sound with 64-bit wavetable software; and Award Flash BIOS.

"The Tsunami AT is the ideal "baby AT" footprint motherboard for users looking to upgrade their existing Socket 7 motherboard to Pentium II-class machines without throwing away their chassis and investment in peripherals," said Don Clegg, Tyan's vice-president of sales & marketing.

The Tsunami AT supports Pentium II CPUs to 400MHz and above or Celeron CPUs, and features Intel's 440BX chipset with 100MHz Front Side Bus support.  The board is priced below $150 in OEM quantities.

The Tsunami provides room for AGP/PCI expansion with 4 PCI, 4 ISA and 1 AGP slot.  Memory is expandable to 1024 MBs with four banks of 168-pin SDRAM DIMMs. AMI's Plug-n-Play BIOS, designed specifically for the Pentium II CPU, is standard.  Other features include UltraDMA/33 and Super I/O support; and optional system management features such as LM79/LM75 control chips with on-board alarm to monitor heat, fan and voltage.  Intel's LANDesk Client Manager software is also an option.

For further information about Tyan or any of its products, contact the company at 3288 Laurelview Court, Fremont, CA, 94538; call (510)-651-8868; or fax (510)-651-7688. Visit the company's web site at