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TYAN Press Release

TYAN® Announces High Performance Single Processor Motherboard With Intel®'s 430TX and Full MMX Support

MILPITAS, California, March 3, 1997 - The Titan Turbo, a high performance and MMX- ready single processor Pentium system board using Intel"s fifth generation 430TX PCIset, was announced today by TYAN® Computer Corporation, a leading developer of system boards, add-in cards, and Internet/Intranet communications products.  

TYAN also announced support of Intel's MMX technology for its Titan and Tomcat series of motherboards. Intel's MMX technology, announced in January, is designed to improve the new Intel processors' ability to handle high-speed multimedia applications.

TYAN's Titan Turbo boards are packed with features that are intended to give a boost to older systems and bring newer systems to their top performance potential. The Titan Turbo comes in Baby-AT (S1570/4 ISA slots) and ATX (S1572/3 ISA slots) form factors.

Some of these features include faster overall performance, utilizing the maximum allowable 512K of pipeline burst L2 cache: CPU support for Intel Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K5 and Cyrix/SGS/IBM 6x86 120+, 150+ and 166+; five PCI on both boards, with either three or four ISA slots, which allow increased PCI expandability as well as support for older cards and built-in support for UltraDMA/33 (UltraIDE), which is capable of transfer rates in excess of 33 megabytes per second while maintaining compatibility with older hard drives.

TYAN's Titan Turbo Motherboard

The Titan Turbo also has six, 72-pin SIMM sockets and two 168-pin DIMM sockets, which support a maximum of 256MB of system memory in three banks: thermal and fan sensing with warning alarm; and a host of on-board PCI EIDE and Super I/O, which allows you to easily connect to just about any peripheral on the market. The board also has AMI and Award BIOS available.

TYAN, a privately-held company based in Milpitas, CA, and a long time Intel marketing OEM partner, is expected to ship the Titan Turbo in both form factors by the end of March. It is expected to be priced under $150 in OEM quantities.

TYAN's family of Pentium and Pentium Pro motherboards are based on Intel's latest chip sets, including the 430TX, 430HX, and 440FX. These products cover a wide range of applications, from dual processing to high-end workstation and server configurations.

With the release of Intel's MMX technology, these new motherboards will have a significant increase in performance without additional software modifications due to changes made by Intel in the architecture by improving cache cycles andadding a pipeline stage.